I’m not normally the jealous type, but being in lock-down has us feeling things we usually don’t. Richard was gone star gazing for 3 days and nights, and photographers on various sites were posting pictures of poppy (our State flower) fields, so I became jealous. I needed to get out–safely!

I gave Richard the option of taking Highway 49 (a twisty mountain road) to near Jackson, California with me; but, I was willing to travel on my own. He came with me. About an hour into our drive, we found a mountain full of poppies just south of the town. It was stunning!

I would have liked to explore further, but hunger and awareness of Richard’s nap schedule had us turn around for the trek back home. We ordered sub sandwiches and ate them in the car–again being safe! On the way home we stopped in Drytown, a small town in Amador County so I could photograph a bunch of poppies on the roadside.

We were gone about 2 1/2 hours; not like our previous adventure! It was a great get-a-way outing. And best of all, I’m no longer jealous!

10 thoughts on “Escape #3: A California poppy hunt

  1. We aren’t allowed to do that at all, the police here are using special cameras to look at number plates and if you are not near your home you get pulled over. If you aren’t out for one of the reasons that is allowed you get a $1600 on the spot fine. They are so serious here with this lockdown, but happy to see that there are almost no new cases each day and looks like Australia has done a reasonable job. Not sure how much longer we will be like this, but I don’t mind. I can’t get out and take photos, but when I look I know there is heaps I can do around here. Enjoying my time with the food and still life.
    Your poppy images are beautiful. They don’t grow like that here. Take care.

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  2. I’m so glad I live in California where the Governor is doing a great job in locking down the state early. Some counties are giving fines. I think we need to do things safely. Going for rides while practicing isolation is okay. The main activity in my senior community is walking the dogs. Gem and I walk 2 miles a day, stop and greet humans and dogs while maintaining 6 ft distance. Of course, our President is an idiot and would open up the economy tomorrow if he could. He’s not thinking of health, just his ratings.


  3. I confess I’m a bit jealous of your short trips too!! Hehehe. It’s been 7 weeks since my last hike and I miss the mountains soooo much!!!
    I’m happy to read that you can still stretch your legs and take photos! Those poppies look gorgeous! Funny, they don’t look like the poppies I see in Europe, red and black!

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  4. Thanks Mercedes. I just got back from my 2-mile walk with the dog. We do this every day. Today I wish I had my camera with me because a blue heron was at the lake. The California poppy is orange/yellow. I’ve seen red poppies, but they are rare here.


    1. Thanks -N-! When this is over, we will appreciate going out to dinner, visiting crowded places, getting a pedicure and hair cut–all those things we took for granted.


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