A better solution and more of the Governor’s Mansion

Yes, I came up with a better solution for my computer memory problem and how I handle Lightroom file organization. I now have an external 250 Gig hard drive that will go wherever I go. That means whether I edit on my laptop or desktop, I can save the images to my external drive, keeping them in one place.

I’m also working on the problem of how to view the RAW files. I think the best answer came from Mary Gromer, coordinator of the Shoot or Go Home MeetUp group. She suggested shooting both RAW and JPEG so you can preview the pictures in Windows and eliminate the shots you don’t want to edit. Then import the remaining into Lightroom. Someone else from the group said there was software that would allow you to see RAW files in Windows. I’ll have to check that out.

All this is going to force me not to keep every shot–I shouldn’t anyway! See there was a reason I was procrastinating on shooting RAW! But, it is great to be moving onward.

Today I’m posting the rest of the Governor’s Mansion. Since we were on a tour, I was shooting snapshots. No time to stop. I tried to compose as best I could given the fact that many rooms were roped off or people were just in the way. What amazed me was the elegant detailing in the ceilings, door frames and even the brass door hinges. The Mansion is not being repaired as it falls in disrepair. Our docent said that eventually it would probably be torn down. Imagine tearing down history! I’m also experimenting with the white balance feature in Lightroom. So, if I got something totally wrong, please let me know.

After I post this blog, I’m going to check into that viewing software and create my filing system on my external drive. Glad for that solution!


Not enough memory and the Governor’s Mansion, Sacramento, California

“Not enough memory.” That’s what the dialogue box was saying. While editing in Lightroom, I was amazed to see those words. I immediately took about 500 photos off my laptop and tried again. What happened? “Not enough memory!” I’ll have to ask my tech support husband for help when I get home. But, I have some images of the Governor’s Mansion State Park to show you tonight. Please follow the link for the Mansion’s history. It is interesting and I hope my images give you an example of its beauty.

Right now I’m staying with my younger set of grandkids while their parents are on their first weekend since they adopted the kids 2 1/2 years ago. Things were going well; in fact they earned ice cream and a cookie after dinner two nights in a row. However, today–well things changed. Our little 3-year old princess locked the downstairs bathroom door and now we can’t open it. I don’t know how she did it from the outside, but she’s becoming inquisitive about how things come apart and work. The day went on from there. No ice cream and cookies tonight! My son has work to do when he gets home.

Speaking of work, I spent my spare time doing my chiropractor’s newsletter, so I didn’t study Lightroom. I go home tomorrow and leave again on Wednesday for San Jose to spend some time with my dear friend and faithful blog follower Carol.

In the meantime, we will have to solve the issue with the laptop so I can study and edit. Here are some images I edited before I ran out of memory!


The battle continues and more from the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament

I did spend some time with Lightroom today, but not enough to come out a clear winner! Every time I use it, I learn more. So, stick with me, and hopefully my editing will improve. I still can’t access the Lightroom presets. Maybe after I post this short blog, I’ll check through my tutorials or on YouTube.

I did find the rest of the church pictures–thank goodness for a great filing system–and I’m posting them.

I’m not sure how much time I’ll have for Lightroom this weekend because I’m sitting for my young grandkids starting tomorrow. Hopefully, I’ll have time and energy left in the evenings to get some time in.

Here are the rest of the images.



Lightroom vs Anne

Yes, it’s a challenge for me. Learning Lightroom that is! One problem is that I’ve been busy caregiving for my brother and sister-in-law in Southern California and came home to doing our family Passover Seder. (That’s the reason for my absence.) Today, I prioritized time for Lightroom and actually got some images edited–well sort of edited. I’m still not all the way through the tutorial.

Also it seems that my Lightroom presets are not working. I don’t know why, but maybe I can figure it out tomorrow. If anyone has a hint, please let me know, or I’ll have to visit the Adobe website!

The images I have for you today were taken on a Church photo meetup. We visited four Sacramento churches, but were allowed only in one–Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament. Our leader coordinated a tour for us; however, our tour guides didn’t understand that photographers like less talking and more time for taking pictures! We had less than an hour before the next service began and time was short. All but one of the images are from this church.

I’m still having trouble loading pictures into Lightroom in an order that I want. I think I have more images loaded onto my desktop than I have on this laptop. You might see those at a later date.

During the meetup, my friend and I left the group to tour the Governor’s Mansion which is now a California State Park. Those images have yet to be edited. We then found one more church. So that’s three of the four. We were too tired to look for the last church.

And, I’m too tired tonight to continue with my Lightroom tutorial, so I’ll just post the images and relax.


A bicycle built for two and the Suisun Wildlife Center

I wish I had my camera with me when Gem and I were walking this morning. We saw a senior couple riding a bicycle built for two! When was the last time you saw one? It’s been a wicked long time for me. And, the fun part was they were talking about this and that, maybe enjoying the ride–maybe not. Yes, I do wish I had the camera. But how to take a quick shot while walking the dog and suddenly cyclists come within view. Do you say, “Please stop, I’d like to take your picture?” I guess that’s what I would have done.

But I did have my cameras at one of this past weekend’s outing to the Suisun Wildlife Center.  Through the help of their all-volunteer staff, and donations this center offers assistance to injured and orphaned wildlife in Solano County, California. While many animals are cared for, we were able to take photos of birds and reptiles during our visit. Handlers were at various stations and we were allowed to take as many images as possible within a two hour period. We didn’t need that much time since there were only five birds and three snakes. That was my only disappointment. But, that meant there were less animals needing help.

Most of the birds we shot were permanent residences at the center. They were unable to be re-introduced into the wild because of broken, malformed wings or missing an eye. What struck me was the caring of the volunteers and the response of the animals. The birds, in particular, seemed to bond with the staff.

Since it was a short morning, my photo buddy and I stopped at the Vacaville Outlets to do some shopping. If I do this outing again next year, I would plan another photo op to round out the day. Not that I didn’t enjoy shopping. I did find a plastic knife that I’ve been looking for.

And, yes, all my pictures were shot on RAW. However, the only program that seems to be able to open them is Lightroom. I tried to open one with Photoshop and PE, but was not able to. If you can tell me why, please do!

My, this has been a rambling post, starting out with a bicycle built for two. Maybe they will be riding tomorrow. Should I bring a camera just in case?


Practice Thursday: Shooting RAW

Rain, Rain don’t go away! Yes, It’s finally raining in Northern California, and we need it. So, I couldn’t do Practice Tuesday and waited for an opportunity. Thursday morning was partly cloudy and I seized the opportunity on my morning walk with the dog.

Of course, taking the shots were the same; the change came when I went to process them. It was easy in Lightroom. I copied them off my SD card into my photo filing system on my desktop. From there, I imported them into Lightroom, worked on them and then exported them back to my files as JPEGs.

I still have to learn more about Lightroom and more of what I can do with it, but I have the basic stuff down now. So here are some of my first RAW images. There will not be a practice Tuesday next week either because I will be on my way down to Southern California. But, I’ll try to get in some practice during the week. I won’t be upset to miss using my camera if it rains. We need it.