Yes, I came up with a better solution for my computer memory problem and how I handle Lightroom file organization. I now have an external 250 Gig hard drive that will go wherever I go. That means whether I edit on my laptop or desktop, I can save the images to my external drive, keeping them in one place.

I’m also working on the problem of how to view the RAW files. I think the best answer came from Mary Gromer, coordinator of the Shoot or Go Home MeetUp group. She suggested shooting both RAW and JPEG so you can preview the pictures in Windows and eliminate the shots you don’t want to edit. Then import the remaining into Lightroom. Someone else from the group said there was software that would allow you to see RAW files in Windows. I’ll have to check that out.

All this is going to force me not to keep every shot–I shouldn’t anyway! See there was a reason I was procrastinating on shooting RAW! But, it is great to be moving onward.

Today I’m posting the rest of the Governor’s Mansion. Since we were on a tour, I was shooting snapshots. No time to stop. I tried to compose as best I could given the fact that many rooms were roped off or people were just in the way. What amazed me was the elegant detailing in the ceilings, door frames and even the brass door hinges. The Mansion is not being repaired as it falls in disrepair. Our docent said that eventually it would probably be torn down. Imagine tearing down history! I’m also experimenting with the white balance feature in Lightroom. So, if I got something totally wrong, please let me know.

After I post this blog, I’m going to check into that viewing software and create my filing system on my external drive. Glad for that solution!


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