“Not enough memory.” That’s what the dialogue box was saying. While editing in Lightroom, I was amazed to see those words. I immediately took about 500 photos off my laptop and tried again. What happened? “Not enough memory!” I’ll have to ask my tech support husband for help when I get home. But, I have some images of the Governor’s Mansion State Park to show you tonight. Please follow the link for the Mansion’s history. It is interesting and I hope my images give you an example of its beauty.

Right now I’m staying with my younger set of grandkids while their parents are on their first weekend since they adopted the kids 2 1/2 years ago. Things were going well; in fact they earned ice cream and a cookie after dinner two nights in a row. However, today–well things changed. Our little 3-year old princess locked the downstairs bathroom door and now we can’t open it. I don’t know how she did it from the outside, but she’s becoming inquisitive about how things come apart and work. The day went on from there. No ice cream and cookies tonight! My son has work to do when he gets home.

Speaking of work, I spent my spare time doing my chiropractor’s newsletter, so I didn’t study Lightroom. I go home tomorrow and leave again on Wednesday for San Jose to spend some time with my dear friend and faithful blog follower Carol.

In the meantime, we will have to solve the issue with the laptop so I can study and edit. Here are some images I edited before I ran out of memory!


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