Earth Angels: Happy Birthday Carol and Alyse

If you’re lucky you have earth angels, you know, the people who are always there for you no matter what. I’m fortunate to have had three. Judy was there when we were young, raising our children. She’s never forgiven me for moving away. We don’t talk often, but she’s in my heart. My two other earth angels are celebrating their birthdays this week.

They are the same age, just one week apart. Carol and Alyse were there when I was at a tremendous low point in my life. They picked me up, took me to the ocean, out to lunch and made me feel that I was worthy. I’ve never forgotten that. They were also there when I woke up in CCU after heart valve surgery. They drove from San Jose to Sacramento just to make sure I was okay. I remember waking up and seeing them sitting there. They said hi, that they loved me and left. I went back to sleep. That was a five hour drive and sitting I don’t know how many hours just to say a few words!

This is also significant because about 20 years ago Carol was diagnosed with a degenerative auto immune disease. The doctor wanted to order her a wheel chair, saying she wouldn’t be walking for very long. She refused. He offered her a walker. She refused. He offered her a cane. She accepted.

Since then, she’s been diagnosed with two more auto immune diseases and has suffered a major heart attack. She’s still walking with a walker around the house, but uses a chair when she and Alyse go out. She is my hero, bucking the doctors who would have made her an invalid before her time. She’s determined and maybe a little precocious.

Alyse, Carol’s friend and roommate, has been her caregiver this whole time. She’s also my hero, never giving up even though she’s had surgeries and medical issues of her own. The challenges these two women face are enormous and their joys are numerous. They are always there to help their friends. And, if a person is in need, they become their friend.

They wanted to celebrate their 75th birthdays with one lunch on Carol’s day and another on Alyse’s day. Alyse tells everyone that Carol is older! I’m thrilled to be among their friends who gathered for Carol’s birthday. If we could say that we have touched so many people and affected their lives for the positive, then we would be walking in Carol and Alyse’s shoes.

Happy Birthday my dear earth angels!