It’s not that I have a love  for horses (never having been around them), but I know someone who does. Stacey Adams, DC in San Jose loves her horses and shows it. I recently visited her ranch with a friend because I wanted to shoot horses. What I found and learned is that they are majestic creatures who feel, love, get jealous and enjoy attention–at least these three horses did.

First we have 30-year old Alyda, who in her day must have been even more beautiful than she is now. Next comes Lucky, 20-years old, the handsome and photogenic one (especially when the sun hits his body). Last is Honeymoon. She’s the baby of the family at 3-years old. She’s frisky and playful. You can meet them in the gallery that will be posted in two parts.

Before we went for the shoot, I did my homework and read tutorials on how to shoot horses. Some of it was applicable to the environment in which I shot, but much wasn’t. I love all the information available on the internet, and most of it is free.

My friend, Kim, and I got to Stacey’s ranch about 4:15 p.m. to catch the golden light and left at about 8 p.m. A great big thank you goes out to Stacey who worked with each of the horses for us. You can just see the love she has for her animals. I’m hoping that comes through in some of the images. Tomorrow you’ll get to see more of Honeymoon.

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