Rain, Rain don’t go away! Yes, It’s finally raining in Northern California, and we need it. So, I couldn’t do Practice Tuesday and waited for an opportunity. Thursday morning was partly cloudy and I seized the opportunity on my morning walk with the dog.

Of course, taking the shots were the same; the change came when I went to process them. It was easy in Lightroom. I copied them off my SD card into my photo filing system on my desktop. From there, I imported them into Lightroom, worked on them and then exported them back to my files as JPEGs.

I still have to learn more about Lightroom and more of what I can do with it, but I have the basic stuff down now. So here are some of my first RAW images. There will not be a practice Tuesday next week either because I will be on my way down to Southern California. But, I’ll try to get in some practice during the week. I won’t be upset to miss using my camera if it rains. We need it.


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