I was totally embarrassed–but not really. I’ve come to accept that in the Shoot or Go Home photo Meetup group, I’m a novice. But I did think there would be a level playing field when I went to the Lightroom workshop yesterday evening. I was wrong. I was amazed at the level of these photographers. For me, it meant there’s more possibility for my growth.

So what was I embarrassed about? I was the only one in the room shooting JPEG! When I was asked why, I just replied, “I’m afraid to!” But, I did promise to shoot RAW from now on. What was I afraid of? I didn’t know how to process RAW! With Lightroom, it’s easy. I sat through the three hours just amazed at what this program could do in the develop module. It even corrected buildings that were leaning due to the wide-angle lens distortion. Of course I could have also done this in PE9, but never took the time to dig through the manual to learn how. It was easy with Lightroom.

In my last post, I said I was going to try to straighten out the Tower Bridge in Sacramento. I did and I’m posting it tonight along with some other Lightroom vs. PE9 edits. What a program–shooting RAW from now on!!


2 thoughts on “Shooting RAW

  1. I wouldn’t worry about that Anne, I tell lots of people to shoot in jpegs, I think it is a great way to start, you really only need to shoot in RAW when you want to start doing things with your images, lots of stuff. I hope you weren’t embarassed. I hope they didn’t make you feel bad. I haven’t been shooting in raw for that long, maybe a year or so.


  2. Hi Leanne, No, I wasn’t really embarrassed. I’ve been putting off shooting in RAW because I really didn’t know how to process it. Now with Lightroom, it’s easy. This group is at a higher level and I’m hoping to learn from them. They are gracious with their advice.


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