You know you’re addicted when your right index finger wants to press the shutter button and your left hand wants to steady the lens barrel. It was more than a week since our adventurous ride and I needed to get out and take some pictures.

So…. I my camera took me for a short walk around the neighborhood. The long 2-mile walks are reserved for dog walking. First, there are many front yard gardens with beautiful flowers. I made sure I didn’t go on property and just shot what I could from the road’s edge.

We have a lot of wild turkeys here, and the males are telling us it’s the season to show off. These two actually started to move when I lifted my camera, but stood still when I yelled at them not to move!

Last, are our current Canada goose family. These are the only geese to have goslings so far at our small lake. There will be more. And when there are, the dads will guard their families with fierce hissing and may actually run after you if they think you’re coming close to the goslings.

That was yesterday’s walk. My camera is calling me again. I think there’s more neighborhood and more pictures to take!

2 thoughts on “Our new normal: My camera took me for a walk!

  1. Love this post, Anne!! Another proof that we forget how many beautiful things we have near us!! Your neighbors have pretty flowers!! But if I have to choose a photo, I’m going with the goslings… how sweet are they?? I think this year I’ll miss the little cygnets in Zurich lake… post more goslings photos so I can see little ones this year! 🙂
    Take care, Anne!


  2. Thanks Mercedes! I’m so glad you enjoyed the goslings. They are precious. The dad allowed me to get close enough with my 200 mm to get the shots. I also did a lot of cropping. Usually the dads will charge and hiss at you if you seem to be walking near their families. This was the first family at our lake. If there are more, I’ll take more pictures.


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