Richard was getting cabin fever so we decided to take a ride up to Sugar Pine Lake in Placer County. Sounds easy and simple! Sure, until you miss your exit off the Interstate and one of you is working on erroneous information. Right now, I’ll admit that one was me! I just didn’t know there was a difference between Sugar Pine Lake and Reservoir. So, I suggested we follow the GPS to the Dam and Reservoir. (Now, as I’m writing this post, I’m learning there isn’t a difference! Now I’m more confused.)

Oh no! Well, trouble didn’t begin that soon. We found ourselves on Iowa Hill Road. Never heard of it! In fact, we never heard of Iowa Hill, but we found it. On our way up the paved, curvy mountain road, we found a neat specimen from long ago. Why it was on the roadside, we don’t know. Maybe just to be an indicator of things to come!

Further up the road, we crossed a river (not sure which one), but were encouraged by the canoes we saw on the bank. We also saw the old Iowa Bridge.

Driving on a narrow twisted road we soon reached the small town of Iowa Hill still not aware of what was ahead.

Once out of the small town, we driving where snow was still on the ground and over another river. We did find the lake and dam.

Now to get home! Again we followed the GPS which took us almost the same way we came.The dirt road began to narrow to one lane and what was probably snow left the road a little muddy!

Now, each time we made a turn, the GPS said stay on the route for 5 or 6 miles. I stopped counting the turns as the road had more and more debris on the sides. I would have gotten out to take a picture, but the road was just wide enough for our car! Richard said, “What will we do if someone was coming from the other direction?”

We both said at the same time, “No one else would be stupid enough to go this way!” Got to have a sense of humor in a situation like this. I estimate that we drove about 15 miles on that road. Close to civilization, we came upon two small waterfalls. There was enough room at each for me to step out of the car and shoot pictures!

As we were churning up mud, I thought if anything happened, nobody would know where we were. We didn’t have cell service and didn’t tell anybody we were going for a ride. Lesson learned. Now, we will definitely tell family where we’re going!

As long as we’re under lock-down, we will be taking rides. After all, it’s the safe thing to do if you don’t miss your turn off!

4 thoughts on “Escape #2: Anne and Richard’s adventure!

  1. Beautiful images, Anne!! The one from the lake with the reflections and dark clouds is gorgeous!!
    So lucky you can still go for a hike or trip. Here in Switzerland is not strictly forbidden, but not recommended. Make sense, as Switzerland’s favorite sport is hiking and the weather right now is gorgeous! Spring is in full swing these days after a small snowfall last weekend. But we have to practice social distancing and avoid unnecessary risks so we don’t need to go to the hospital and put more pressure on the health system…
    Hopefully this will end soon!!
    Stay safe, Anne!! And thanks for taking me virtually to the mountains! I really miss them! 🙂


  2. What a nicely written story, Anne. I could imagine being there as you drove along. The dinosaur was an unusual find in such an isolated location. The pictures are beautiful.


  3. Thanks Mercedes! The suggested guidelines here are to walk, but maintain social distancing. I walk Gem every day with my neighbor and her dog. The dogs go nose to butt, and we stay away from each other. Fortunately, the grounds are pretty here in our senior community. Some neighbors have a street social where they bring out chairs and chat while maintaining 6 feet apart. I find that these small excursions help. My local online camera club has a weekly photo challenge going for shooting something in your house or yard. They choose the subject. Next week’s challenge is mirrors! Any suggestions? These little things keep us shooting and learning. Every little bit helps. Take care and stay healthy!


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