Something familiar, comfortable and close by; that’s what I wanted for my first photo outing that didn’t involve a car ride. Yes, I had to drive to get to Effie Yeaw in Carmichael, but I loaded my camera on my sling and walked the Nature Center. And, I wasn’t alone. Marlene, Jean and Ray joined me. I guess I wasn’t the only one who needed to escape!

This time was very different. We each drove our own cars, wore our masks and kept a reasonable distance from each other. And worst of all, we didn’t follow our adventure with lunch!

Because I had a morning Toastmaster meeting, we met at Effie Yeaw at 10 a.m. It was too late to see the deer, but we did see a lot of people. Some wore masks, some stepped aside when they saw us walking the path and some just passed us on the path. I guess everyone has their own level of concern about this pandemic.

I find breathing with a face mask on difficult. There’s something about breathing your own air that affects my heart. I’m probably not getting enough oxygen. So, with that hindrance, I got tired sooner. But, it was all worthwhile.

Here are some flower images from that morning.

I love the trees at Effie Yeaw. They are so expressive.

And then there’s the American River.

And, let’s not forget about the other things that catch a photographer’s eye.

The last image was created with a Photoshop filter that distorts. It was a piece of green netting!

It was a great escape, but a little different. Maybe next week there will be another adventure!


10 thoughts on “Escape #4: Effie Yeaw Nature Center

  1. Nice work, Anne! If I ever get to NoCal, I think this is a place I will need to visit. Here, the trails and beaches are closed Fri-Sun (to keep out a lot of LA I think) but open the rest of the time. I need to get out myself – I am getting a bit nuts – but aren’t we all?

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  2. Thanks -N-! If you ever make it to NoCal, let me know. There is so much nature here in the Sacramento area. You’d have a great time. We seem to be a little more relaxed about leaving home, but still being careful. Go for a ride or walk. The air is so clean now! Take care.


  3. As you know, Effie Yeaw Nature Center is my Go-To Nature place in the Sacramento area. So easy to get to yet when you start walking the trails it is another world.

    I haven’t worn my mask as it inhibits my picture taking. However, I give people on the trail a wide berth

    As usual, you have taken beautiful pictures. Kudos

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  4. Beautiful photos, Anne!! I love the flowers! I’m still waiting for the red poppies to bloom here in my little Swiss town. It’s funny to see how different they look there in California!
    And did you realize that you are the one making me travel these days?? I like the change of roles 🙂
    Take care, Anne!!

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    1. Thanks Mercedes! The poppies may look different because of the color and the landscape in which they are photographed. I’ve seen red poppies just a couple of times here. So, where am I making you travel to? I want to see the results!

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      1. Right now American river and the landscapes you showed us look like a perfect destination! Hehehe. In a bit more than a month, and if everything goes well here in Switzerland, we will be able to go to the mountains again… Just in time for my birthday!!! I’m so looking forward to celebrating it with a hike! 🙂


  5. Happy pre-birthday Mercedes. I do hope you can go hiking by then! People are anxious for California to open up. We are such a diverse state in economy and geography. Rural counties are not seeing many COVID cases and want to be able to open up. The first hot weekend saw people in southern Calif. rushing to the beaches! I’m not sure if our Governor can hold it together! We’ve had relatively low numbers here. I hope it can stay that way. Looking forward to a better tomorrow!


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