It was a dark stormy night–not really, but it was a cloudy, almost raining day when a small group of us decided we needed to get out and take some photos. So, we followed the chickens to the small old town of Fair Oaks in Sacramento County. Yes, chickens are plentiful there. The roosters are bold and noisy, but have great color. They are the attraction, and don’t have to wear masks or stay 6 feet apart!

The small area was desolate. There were a few people roaming around. The stores were closed except for a cafe where people were eating and enjoying coffee outside. It felt strange, experiencing Fair Oaks during lock down.

We did stop for coffee at the cafe and sat outside before heading our separate ways. (We don’t carpool anymore. We drive separately.) On the way home, I stopped at Marlene‘s to meet her new puppy Charlie, an Australian Labradoodle. We met outside and observed the correct social distancing. The reality was that Charlie didn’t want to come to me! He finally got to the point of coming close, but that was about it.

During our stay, the sun peaked out at times but quickly hid behind the clouds. It was a fun time though with the chickens and photo buddies!

6 thoughts on “Getting out on a dismal day: Old Town Fair Oaks

  1. Thanks Donna. This year, shooting has been difficult. Now that things are loosening up a bit, it will be interesting to see what type of street photography we can get. How are things in Georgia?


  2. Great photos, Anne!! But I have a question: do the chickens roam free in the town?? It must be a bit crazy if they do!!
    I’ve been seeing photos of empty cities for the last few weeks… what a weird feeling, right? When I’m travelling I always dream with empty cities to photograph places in calm… But now seeing empty streets, empty landmarks, feel so strange that I almost miss the crowds!! I think you used the perfect word to describe it: desolation! And not only because of the missing crowds, but also because everything is closed and it means bankruptcy for so many families… It’s really sad!
    I love the happy face of the puppy and its owner! Happiness in a photo!
    Take care, Anne!


  3. Thanks Mercedes! Yes, the chickens roam free. Where I live, wild turkeys roam free, and there are more each year. I think I’d rather have the chickens! We do have to be careful of what we wish for!


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