I knew that there wouldn’t be children playing on the three playgrounds, skate boarders enjoying the skate park, swimmers in the pool, kids playing baseball at the diamonds, adults using the tennis and pickle ball courts but I thought we’d be able to get on the grounds of the historic Rush Home and Gardens. At least that’s what one of the Sunrise Department of Recreation told me the day before. He said the house was closed, but that we could take pictures of the grounds. He didn’t tell me that we’d be shooting through the fence!

So off three of us went to this large park in Citrus Heights. Just looking at my images will show the lack of activity in an otherwise jammed park. It was sad. We didn’t walk the entire park. What we saw was enough.

The Historic Rush Home is normally used for weddings, meetings and other special events. The gardens, at least what we could view through the fence, didn’t seem spectacular.

Some pretty flowers and water in the park.

The unused fun areas that are now empty.

I’m hoping the next time we visit Rush Park it will be full of laughter, families and people enjoying their sports.

4 thoughts on “A lonely park: Rush Park

  1. If the whole place is fenced and locked, it is pretty sad. Still, it is better safe than sorry. Here in our neck of SoCal things are opening up. I spent last Wednesday in a park with a friend, yakking for 6 hours, drinking coffee and eating scones, and having a good ole time. The park bathrooms were opened, thankfully, and we were careful, but overall the park was busy with families and kids, with social distancing very obvious. It felt good to be human again after 2 months! Still, you got some nice pix and I think once the park is open another trip is definitely in store!


  2. Thanks -N! I’m glad you were able to get out for an enjoyable visit with your friend. Today I got into a car with another photo buddy/dear friend and we took a 3-hour ride. It felt so good! I think we still have to be careful. I’m not ready yet to eat in a restaurant, but I would enjoy a scone and coffee outside!


  3. Beautiful photos, Anne!! I love the flowers close ups!
    These are strange times! If you would have asked me a few months ago, I’d have told you that every time I visit a place, I wish there weren’t any people around!! I would even use a 10-stop ND filter or go at night just to avoid people in my photos or “erase” them with long exposures whenever I could…
    But these last months I’ve seen a lot of photos of very popular places without a soul… It was so weird to see the streets of Madrid, Barcelona or any other European city without people… Maybe it’s because I’m used to see these places with lots of people, but watching those photos was a bit shocking! I missed people in them!!
    But now that things are going back to “normal” in Europe, those images won’t repeat anytime soon…. now crowds will be again in front of famous landmarks as they did before, but now wearing a mask!
    I hope people return soon to this park soon!! 🙂
    Take care, Anne!


  4. Thanks Mercedes! Things are opening up slowly here. Some people agree and some don’t. I think you have to follow common sense and be careful. I’ve always liked to put people in photos, but stayed away from crowds unless they were the story. I’m thinking it’s my journalism background. People help make the story. Take care and stay safe.


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