It was time to venture out with my friend Jean for a short road trip. California is beginning to open up, but I’m still cautious. News: I thought my photography had reached a level where I needed a better camera. Because of my age, I needed something light (not full frame). Mirrorless was an obvious choice.

I bought a Fujifilm XT3 and was anxious to try it out. It was just the two of us, both healthy and not exposed to anyone with COVID 19 so off we went. It was great to be on a road trip with no destination in mind.

We drove for a short time up the Levee Road north of Sacramento when I saw these terrific reflections in the rice paddies.

As we drove on, I spotted a sign that directed us to a boat ramp. Jean said she wanted to shoot near water so wouldn’t a boat ramp be perfect? It was a great stop. We came upon pelicans, fishermen and a beautiful section of the Sacramento River.

We made some more quick stops along the way: to shoot a farm across the road, some thistles going to seed, and another house. I was doing okay with my Fugi, having to change the lens a couple of times and shooting on manual. Typically with my Nikon 7100 I use an 18 – 200 lens so I don’t need to switch lenses in the field, but Fuji doesn’t make that lens.

We ended up in Yuba City in Sutter County where I took pictures of the Hall of Records building built in 1831. What a beautiful building.

I had a great time and was happy with my new camera. At least until my next outing which will be the subject of my next post. Be careful and stay safe everyone!

4 thoughts on “Road Trip: Levee Road

  1. Nice series, Anne! I really like the wide one of the rice paddies and water under the big sky. That plain quality is always attractive. I have the X100V, 23mm lens, and it produces nice images. Fun to use as it is a fixed lens. The Fuji cameras seem to have a different quality than the Nikon ones, I think. Looking forward to your next!


  2. Thanks -N! What do you think the quality difference is between the two cameras? Is the X100V a Fuji (Thanks for the spelling correction!) lens? I liked the quality of the images the Fuji produced.


  3. New camera! And mirrorless!! I’m sure you’re feeling like a girl with new shoes (that’s what we say in Spain when we receive some new “toy”, hehehe). What about moving from a classic reflex to a mirrorless? Is it very different to see though the “analogical” visor and the digital visor? And what about trying a new brand? I remember a friend let me once his Nikon to take a photo of her and I couldn’t find anything!! Everything was so different to my Canon cameras! I’ve read the colors in Fuji are really great. I can’t wait to see what you do with the new gear!
    Stay safe, Anne!


  4. Hi Mercedes. It’s exciting and frustrating at the same time. I went mirrorless because of the weight. Fuji because of the pictures I have seen it produce. I considered going Nikon again, but Fuji seemed to have better quality. It’s a learning game for sure, and at my age, learning isn’t easy. So you gave me a question I can’t answer and I’ll have to find out regarding an analogical vs digital visor. So far, the colors are great and very controllable. I never did use my 7100 to the fullest and I doubt I will be using the Fuji to its fullest. I’m just not that technical. The Fuji will be a good walk around camera for me, but I’ll still use my Nikon for special things like macro, real estate shoots and birding. The problem with Fuji is that there are no used lenses available and companies like Sigma and Tamron don’t make them for Fuji. Since all of my Nikon lenses are used, I’m stuck with sticker shock. I do want to save up for a Fuji 300mm so birding will be easier. My new moto is “A tutorial a day, keeps frustration at bay!” Take care!


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