This is one challenge I’m not twisting and putting my own spin on for John’s Art in the Park. I’m presenting two pieces of public art that I think are amazing. The first is our annual Chalk It Up held every September in Fremont Park. This park is a large square block where chalk artists gather annually to sketch and paint images. The amazing part for me is that these art works will disappear within a few days. To put that much effort into creating a work of art only to have it gone, takes something special from the artists. We usually get there early to avoid the crowds. These images were taken in 2021 and have been posted on my blog. I’m hoping that you will enjoy seeing them again or appreciate them for the first time. The artists paint with liquid chalk or color with regular sidewalk chalk.

My next art in the park selection is dear to me and tugs at my heart strings. It can be found in the World Peace Rose Garden next to our State Capitol building. My husband is a Vietnam Veteran and was a radio operator traipsing through the jungles. The sculptures depict the medics, the wounded and the soldiers who walked through the jungles. They are simply amazing. And it’s a sad day in history that our soldiers came home to such a poor reception. I’m so glad that the wrong is being righted.

I’m happy to share these two pieces of art. Thank you John for this challenge. Remember to link to this post and use the Lens-Artists tag in the reader section. Next week Amy will be presenting a wonderful challenge so look for her post.

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40 thoughts on “Lens Artists Challenge #249: Art in the park (and other places)

  1. I remember your post about Chalk it Up, but I’m very happy to see these colourful works of art again – amazing skill from those artists! In contrast the Vietnam War memorial is sombre and poignant. Whatever the rights and wrongs of that war, nothing should detract from the courage of the soldiers and the challenges they faced. I’m glad they have such a beautiful and appropriate memorial.

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  2. Love the Chalk It Up, Anne! These artists are creative, all are beautifully done. The sculptures of the wounded and the soldiers are moving, say the least.
    Thank you for sharing with us.

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  3. I loved your post this week very much Anne, both pieces were wonderful. The sidewalk art is terrific, my favorite is the little boy under water. The Vietnam art is incredibly moving. I remember how sad I was at the lack of respect the returning soldiers got after dedicating their lives to our country’s cause – whether justified or not they were willing to go and face the horrors of war. So much of what came out later about how we were misled by our leadership makes the tragedy that much worse. We got an earful when we visited Vietnam, especially in the North. I will NEVER forget our visit to the Museum of American Atrocities. Talk about two sides to every story. The answer is very simple. Women need to rule the world 😊. Thanks for the marvelous response.

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    1. Thanks Tina! That boy actually looked three dimensional. Regarding the war, my husband was drafted as were many. Our government told the soldiers that we were winning the war when the opposite was true. This was the first televised war. It was a hard war and a hard homecoming.


  4. Anne, for some reason, this didn’t show up in my keyword search. I found it in the reader as I was scrolling through tonight. Those chalk drawings are as fragile as snow sculptures and sand sculptures.


  5. Your feature image drew me right in! I initially thought it was a mosaic and to think it is chalk, wow. I remember your Chalk it Up and was just as fascinated today. The memorial touched my heart. I do a lot of volunteer work with veterans, many who are Vietnam Vets. I too am glad the wrong is being righted.


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