I have been remiss in posting. This is caused by some traveling and a broken computer. You don’t realize how much, as a photographer, you depend on your computer until you don’t have it. Not only could I not edit photos, I couldn’t get to my archived images. Frustrated doesn’t begin to explain how I felt.

So here I am playing catch up. For this post I’m showing you images from the nesting trees where great egrets and blue herons build their nests each year. The birds feel safe there because the two trees are in the middle of a gully. One sits in the nest while its mate flies and brings back twigs. It’s fun to watch them.

This is a stretch for my Tamron 18 – 300mm lens but I did get some nice images.

This is about the only instance where I can predict they will be flying. This type of photography helps me learn how to watch carefully and be fast.

More to come!

22 thoughts on “Catching Up: The nesting tree

  1. Great images! I’m glad you managed to get your computer fixed. You have my sympathy on the catching up. We were without internet for a month, other than when popping in a cafe or a pub. I think I’d miss my archives more!

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    1. Thanks Susan! I had so much to do on the computer and couldn’t get to it. It’s not like I didn’t have anything else to do, but I was so upset I didn’t do anything else. Fortunately, I had my laptop to keep up on things.

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    1. Thanks Leanne! I shot these with the Tamron lens. It’s taken some getting used to. I think it will make a good walk around lens for me. I just wish Fuji made one like it. By the way, Sandy says “Hi.” She needs your address so she can mail you stuff. She’s had to heart procedures for Afib and is soon going to have shoulder surgery. I wish she was busy in other ways.


  2. Wonderful pictures, Anne. I have basically the same Tamron lens as you, and I was in a place with plenty of egrets in February, but I don’t have near the quality photos as you have. It just goes to show that equipment isn’t everything. Talent is more important than hardware. Glad you got your computer back online.


    1. Thanks John! It also depends on how far away you were. I also put them through Toapz Photo AI. Some needed it, but some didn’t. My friend who was with me had a range of 600mm taking into the crop sensor consideration. Mine was 450mm on the crop sensor. I think the longer lens won. So sometimes it is the gear!

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    2. This may be a duplicate response John. WP is still not working right on my computer yet. It will take time for it to remember me. I may have been closer and I also ran the images through Topaz Photo AI whether I thought they needed it or not.

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  3. Lovely photos, despite your lens limitation. I really liked that last photo where the heron is either at the end or the beginning of its flight (I can’t tell from that one shot). Getting those stretched wings and legs is fantastic.


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