Boy, have I been in a mood lately! And It’s not a good one! Why? It’s because my computer has been down and out for about a week. No blogs, no working on pictures, no…. Fortunately, I was able to keep up with your postings on my laptop, but it doesn’t have my pictures or editing software on it.

The tech guy is about to leave and I’m already working out my mood by doing this blog post.

When I first read Sofia’s challenge, I wondered do we as photographers create the mood in a photo or does a photo give us the mood. How much is up for interpretation? What feelings do we put into the photo? Will others see it the same way as we do?

I can tell you it’s been my experience that two photographers can photograph the same scene and the pictures will come out different. Two people can look at the same image and get different stories and feelings from it.

So, here’s a brief look at some moods. Some I create like when I’m feeling blue and down, I take myself and my macro lens to Green Acres Nursery for a pick me up.

Tension eases when I photograph flowers. When I process them, my mood is relaxed. The flowers help me create that mood.

Nothing beats the excitement of doing something you are challenged at. My limit of a 300 mm lens and my lack of speed and fine motor coordination makes wildlife photography a challenge. On a typical outing, I usually come home with a few good images. The mood? Exhilaration and happiness.

When I look at these animals, I sense their need for survival and curiosity at the humans behind the lens.

There’s another type of excitement–having fun. You all know how much I enjoy doing slow shutter photography, especially at night. We were out to capture Old Sacramento at night and the ferris wheel just added to the fun.

The action and colors of the ferris wheel are exciting and photographing it is challenging.

And lastly, there is the amazement of the unexpected. My moment of amazement happened when I woke up one morning at my son’s home in Reno NV and saw a snowy landscape like I’ve never seen before. I was truly excited and in awe of the beauty before me. Mother Nature did her very best the night before. Never mind that three men had to dig us out!

I think I may have turned Sofia’s wonderful challenge around, but that’s the way it affected me. Even challenges are subjective! If you haven’t posted your response yet, please remember to link to Sofia’s original post and tag Lens-Artists. I truly enjoyed your back lighting responses to Ann-Christine’s challenge last week. Next week, it’s John’s turn to challenge us. So look for his post. In the meantime stay safe!

22 thoughts on “Lens Artists Challenge #248: Mood

  1. I love your summery about the two photographers photographing the same scenery at the same time and coming back with different images. You’re right! The inner eye makes the images. It’s always an interpretation. And I agree with you, that’s what makes (at least me) happy 😊


  2. One thing I love about LAC topics is that the interpretation of them is often as subjective as our interpretation of the images themselves! And yes, of our subjects too – I totally agree that two photographers can photograph the same scene and the pictures will come out different. I see that often when out with my husband and our cameras – his eye for a shot and his interest in various subjects is so different from my own. I’m glad you got your computer sorted in time to join in this week as I really enjoyed your shots and your reflections on the moods they represent. I hope your own mood has improved now that you can use the computer again 🤗


    1. Thanks Sarah! My mood is much better. I didn’t realize how much of my personality is attached to photography. First came the rain and overcast skies and then a broken computer. I’m up and running now and the sun is shining!

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  3. Welcome back. Tech stuff is so irritating. Lots like you are already back on track. Flowers bring a happy mood anytime, at least to me. But I do know people who look at flowers and think it’s just work to have them. So to me out photos are up for interpretation even if we try to create a certain mood. I loved all your photos, Anne. And remember you visit to your sons in Reno. It is a stunning photo attached to many memories . When I look at it I see quiet. It is a bustling city and yet the snow quiets everything.


  4. The tech saga continues, this time with WordPress. It doesn’t know me anymore. Each time I go to comment, I have to sign in! By the way that level of snow was a surprise to even those who live in Reno.


  5. Beautiful response Anne – I feel your pain on the computer end! Hopefully all issues resolved by now and you’re back in the swing of things. Loved the mood images, especially the red ferris wheel. I’d have that one hanging on a wall!!


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