It’s hard to remember the cold, rainy weather when the sun is shining and the temperature is in the low ’90 degrees (fahrenheit), but that’s where we were just last month. Given a nice day, Ray and I went to find the small tulip patch at Jensen Botanical Gardens. We didn’t realize just how small would be! But, the tulips were beautiful just the same.

After that, we went to my favorite floral place, Green Acres Nursery.

Flowers and macro are my therapy. I hope you enjoyed seeing these as much as I had photographing them. As for the weather, we went from the high ’60s to low ’90s in one day. Fortunately our furnace broke a couple of days ago and the air conditioner still works. Stop to enjoy the flowers everyone!

18 thoughts on “Flower therapy: Jensen Botanical Gardens & Green Acres Nursery

  1. Flowers are your thing! I would need to get to my iPad to reply on WordPress. Spent the day working on my New York City photos.

    Rachel now knows, and doesn’t think that she can convince Alyssa to do the smart thing. Sad. Houses in Colfax may be more reasonable but the insurance rates make it unaffordable as well.

    David and I are meeting Joshua, Annie and Lincoln for breakfast at The Mimosa House on Sunday. Subi Blu maybe ready on Wednesday. Let’s hope. We can have most of the rental paid for until the 30th. Getting tired of using the computer so I am done for today.



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