My last chance is my first chance! Tina encourages us to post favorites from 2022 that have not been previously shown in LAPC. This is easy for me since I just took these photographs this past week.

We went up to Reno to stay with the grandkids. We were smart enough to take the train because we don’t have the proper tires to drive in the possible snow that was predicted to fall at higher elevations. The train ride was beautiful and I did take cell phone pictures going and coming. Today’s images are of the snow storm that hit us the night of December 10. I have never experienced anything like this. I’ve been in a hurricane and many earthquakes, but this was different.

It was snowing and I took some pictures. These were before the big storm hit.

During the night the wind started. It was slapping the house hard and the windows shook. I woke up early Sunday morning and went to the family room windows. It had started to snow hard and the trees were swaying violently. There was nothing I could do so I went back to bed. When we woke up, the wind had stopped and there was about 3-feet of snow. My son’s truck was stuck in the snow. He had someone come to dig it out and clear the driveway and walkway to the front door. It took three men about three hours to complete the job.

My kids were a day late coming home because the highway was closed. I woke up early Tuesday morning and caught some of the sunrise. My son’s back yard looks down on Reno.

Again, I’ve never been through a storm like this. When we took the grandkids to school on Monday, the scenery was just beautiful.

I’m looking forward to seeing some of your hidden favorites. Please link to Tina’s original post and use the Lens Artists tag. We totally enjoyed all your patterns during last week’s challenge. As we at LAPC take a 2-week break for the holidays, we are excited that Donna Holland of Wind Kisses is joining the LAPC team. She’s been a faithful follower, poster and guest host. Please be sure to follow her at her site, 

Have a fun, enjoyable and safe holiday season. We will be back on January 7, 2023 when John will be leading the challenge.

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60 thoughts on “Lens Artists Challenge #230: Last Chance

  1. I’ve only once seen such a snowstorm – on my first trip to the US, in the Philadelphia area. The scenery afterwards was nice in some places but I don’t think I want to experience it again, one time was enough 😀. Lovely pictures and the one with the sun partially lighting up the hills is surreal!

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  2. Come to Fargo, Anne, and you can have all the snow that will fit in your vehicle. >grin<
    Seriously, I do love the look of fresh fallen snow, and it's a great opportunity for photographers.
    I truly love the light you captured in your last image.

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  3. Wow. I grew up with snow and love it. Your photos were a reminder of how there is nothing more beautiful this a fresh blanket of snow cover. That said..that was a lot of work to did out. But it is still beautiful. The photos are breathtaking. What a fantastic view for a backyard too

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  4. Such beautiful snow pictures Anne and what a magical winter wonderland! We’ve only had a thin dusting and it is beginning to melt away. Wishing you and your family a very happy Christmas and New Year too 🤗💕🎄 xxx


  5. Gorgeous, Anne! Nothing beats freshly fallen snow – at least not to me! WONDERFUL! The light and colours are just delicious – thank you for posting these just in time for Christmas! Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!

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    1. My Son just posted pictures of his yard. The same snow is still there and we are expecting rain in Sacramento and probably snow in Reno where he lives. They are really going to have to dig out!


  6. Very beautiful images, Anne!!!

    Although I suppose that living under such a storm will not be easy. This week every day in the news they talk about the situation that has caused the great storm that is hitting you in the United States, I hope you are well, the images that appear on television are terrible. Meanwhile in Spain, we continue with a winter-spring… The weather is pretty crazy.

    Have a good end of the year and that the next one will be a year full of happiness for you and yours.


    1. Thanks Ana! I think if you’re used to living with and in snow it gets easier. But that was a lot of white stuff in one night. Here in California, we are getting much needed rain and more snow in the higher elevations. I wish you a great 2023. I think we need more kindness in this world.

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