You know the old saying: Be careful what you ask for. Well, we asked for it: RAIN. And we’re getting it. I’m not complaining about the rain, but I am complaining about the cold, damp, fog that we’re getting along with it. We will have one day of partial sunshine this week. But not rain everyday it’s not sunny.

This is challenging for photographers. Our images end up flat. We recently went to Bodega Bay for three days, and, of course, it was foggy (which you expect in the morning at the coast) and overcast. We did manage to get out for a while during our two full days there.

Here’s day one. We went to a wharf in the tiny town of Bodega Bay. We did get some sun coming through the clouds. Some of the pictures just called for black and white editing.

After the wharf, we drove up a hill to look down on the bay. Again, taking advantage of some sunlight.

Clouds make for amazing sunsets.

In my next post you’ll see the beach and other sites. Till then, let it rain. Can it rain without a cloud cover? I didn’t think so.

18 thoughts on “Rain, rain: Stay, stay

  1. You’ve captured some great shots of Bodega Bay, despite the weather – and yes, B&W is often a good option when bad weather threatens to spoil an image, I’ve found 🙂 Am I right in thinking that’s where The Birds was filmed?

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  2. Nice work, Anne. Bodega Bay is pretty special – rain or shine – and I am personally thinking I need to get out and take pictures in a downpour just to remember what rain is like! Happy New Year!!


      1. I expect we will know more in a few days. We have a pump if the back yard gets too deep – the drainage is really bad so we run it to the street. Our streets have never flooded – just water – but the storm drains work well, there is a creek nearby for run-off, and we are on flat land, too, which does help. Well organized suburbia! Happy New Year!

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  3. I am afraid that if we want rain, we will have to accept the clouds… In Spain we also need that rain, but it has hardly visited us this winter, some fell in autumn, but not enough to alleviate the drought.

    However, on the foggy days we’ve had a few, I love getting outside to take pictures.

    Your photos are magnificent, I’m looking forward to seeing the next ones.

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    1. Thanks Ana! You are right about clouds. It’s still raining here and has been all week. But we aren’t complaining. If I had my wish, it would rain at night and the sun would shine during the day. Yes, sometimes I live in a fantasy world!!

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