As photographers, we are drawn to patterns probably without even realizing it. It’s an integral part of composition. This week Ann Christine helps make us aware of these patterns by challenging us to look for them in our photos.

I’ll start with patterns found in architecture.

Nature offers patterns of her own.

And, how about fabric!

Here are some more examples of patterns we find as we photograph.

Finally, we can make our own patterns in post as we have fun processing.

Thank you Ann Christine for challenging us with this fun topic. Please link to her post if you have yet to find and show us your own patterns and use the Lens Artists tag. Last week, we had fun seeing your creative diagonals. Tina will be challenging us next week. Be sure to look for her post. Stay safe this holiday season.

38 thoughts on “Lens Artists Challenge #229: Perfect Patterns

  1. Terrific set Anne – like many others I really loved the shopping carts and you are so right, as photographers we see things we might otherwise simply pass by! Also loved the quilt pattern. Terrific post.

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  2. You’re so right, I think we are all very aware of and attracted to patterns. You have some great examples here. The shopping trolleys are a clever spot and the zoomed lights really effective 😀

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