This is a great morning here in the Sacramento California area. It’s raining and it’s a steady rain. And, I’m also excited about Patti’s challenge on diagonals this morning. She compared diagonals to leading lines that lead to the focal point of a photograph.

Here are some of my images showing leading lines.

I also enjoy photographing objects on a diagonal just for the fun of it, and was recently to the California Museum where I found great diagonals.

Sometimes shooting a picture on a diagonal adds interest. This clown’s face is more interesting on the diagonal rather than straight on.

And when we compose a picture, we may end up with a visual diagonal, leaving some negative space.

Here’s my last fun photograph on a diagonal.

Patti, I hope I didn’t take your great challenge too far from your original intent. This was fun and thank you for brightening up a wonderful rainy morning. Please remember to link your reply post to Patti’s and use the Lens Artists tag. It’s supposed to rain off and on through Monday. Yay!!

We enjoyed all your responses to last week’s challenge. I got to see many places I’ll never be able to get to. Next week is Ann-Christine’s turn to lead this challenge. I can’t wait to see what she has in store for us.

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46 thoughts on “Lens Artists Challenge #228: Diagonals

  1. Terrific choices Anne. I hope other click on the images as I did. They’re definitely worthy of a larger view! Must admit I hate clowns so that one wasn’t my favorite but you made up for it with your closing image which I loved!

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    1. Thanks Tina! At first I didn’t like that clown either. He just came up and stuck his face in my lens. I made him pose again saying I wasn’t ready. The closing image was taken at IKEA, but I can’t remember what they are!

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  2. I really enjoyed your post, Anne. Great choices. I love the clown and the architectural shots in the museum. And the hats…and ….😀😀😀. Enjoy your quiet, rainy weekend. It’s raining here too!


  3. I love that you’re so excited about the rain 😀 And your photos are all perfect for the theme. The staircase ones are intriguing and you’re so right about the impact of the clown shot on the diagonal. That’s something I’m going to think about for my own photography – thank you!

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  4. Great examples, Anne! I love the clown image. It reminds me of one I also took of a clown on a similar diagonal. My favorite, though, is that last image of the colored balls. I’m not sure what they are, but the image is a winner!

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  5. Love these various diagonal lines, excellent selections, Anne! The header is really cool, creative, indeed! Beautiful path image.
    Thanks for the wonderful tour of the museum. 🙂

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  6. Great examples of diagonals, my favorite, the last one, I love that composition of colors.
    The long-awaited rain has also begun to fall here. It is so necessary! Although in my city today we only have fog.

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  7. HI Anne, a great and varied selection from your rainy walk. I love the flower lined pathways, and the diagonal staircases you found at the California Museum were definitely my favorite. And I also loved all the brilliant color you brought to us.

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  8. Superb examples, Anne 👏 Love the perspective on the Amtrack Station shot, but my favourites have to be the stairs at the Museum; spirals & diagonals on the diagonal leading you down the stairs 😃


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