Guest host Jude of Cornwell in Colours picked the perfect challenge for me because I love textures. I don’t mean the nice blended textures you put behind your subject ( Which I can’t do yet!). I mean the texture of your subject. We are drawn to color and texture.

For instance I love the colors of rust and its gritty texture. You’ll notice as it ages, the colors change and the metal degrades, adding to its beauty.

I also find texture in old non-rusted metal. This old worn large propeller from a ship shows lines and textures when photographed close up. You can just feel how its been worn during its use.

Each year Sacramento hosts Chalk It Up where artists draw with chalk or liquid chalk on a sidewalk square. The grit of the sidewalk and chalk create a texture no other canvas can duplicate.

A lion’s mane has texture although you wouldn’t want to get close enough to feel it!

Wood is another favorite texture of mine. It can be tree bark or siding on a building. It draws you in with its variation of color and natural design.

Last, plants give us the feeling of texture in their form, color and shape.

There are many more examples of texture, but I’ll stop here. Texture is all around us. Take it in, feel and experience it. Thank you Jude for helping me realize how important texture is to photography. When you respond to this challenge, please remember to link to her post and use the Lens-Artists tag.

Thank you all for responding for my challenge last week. I enjoyed learning about your amazing local wildlife. We saw birds, foxes, porcupines, bears, deer, squirrels and some small insects and bugs. It was great. Next week Tina will be leading the challenge so be sure to look for her post.

If you would like to participate weekly in our Lens-Artists Challenge, click here for more info. 

37 thoughts on “Lens Artists Challenge #226: Textures

  1. I’m always fascinated by how photographers, me included, are drawn to things like rust which others would find rather ugly perhaps? Your examples are great 🙂 As for the lion, if I could do so safely I would love to feel his mane!


    1. Thank you Sarah! I think rust has a story to tell, much like a portrait of an old person. You can only imagine why this piece of metal was discarded and left to weather and rust. As for the lion, I imagine his mane would feel coarse and rough. That will be my next zoo mission, photograph the lion as close as I can and crop in close to the mane as possible in post!

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  2. A wonderful photographic exploration of the topic Anne. I especially loved your wood and rust examples. I think I’m especially drawn to shades of brown having thought about your post. Maybe a future challenge?! Terrific choices this week.

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  3. I don’t think of texture unless I can actually touch and feel something. Your photos opened my eyes to the wide varieties of texture in our world, objects that I have seen, but have not touched. Thank you!


  4. It’s strange how so many photographers are drawn to rusty objects and you have found some excellent examples. I particularly like the one with the contrasting blue. And that grass frond, so lovely in the light. Wonderful choices Anne. It had never occurred to me how the surface of a chalk drawing would alter the look of the image, but then I rarely come across any examples.
    Jude xx


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