It started here. The Boston Tea Party was the foundation for the Revolutionary War.

The last post on my New England trip left us at the USS Constitution. We took an Uber to get there from the cruise ship. Getting back to the center of Boston, the capital of Massachusetts, we took a shuttle boat. That was a great ride. On the way to the dock, we saw sculptures of faces. I left in the informational sign regarding these art works. I think they are amazing.

Once on the shuttle boat, we saw:

Off the boat, we walked into town so we could fill our hungry tummies. I remembered Faneuil Hall Marketplace from my previous visit. In colonial times it was a place to gather and eat. Nothing’s changed except for the crowds. We bought lunch and fortunately found a place to sit. With our stomachs full, we went out to see the rest of the area. I basically photographed buildings and things I liked. Here are some of the photos with captions.

There was so much more to see, but we were so tired. We Ubered our way back to the ship to put our feet up and rest. Our next town to visit was Bar Harbor Maine. I’ll try to get to that town sooner!

16 thoughts on “The trip continues: Boston

  1. We’ve only visited Boston once, walked a bit on the Freedom Trail and visited some of the same places you feature in this post. That was a long time ago, now. We need to go back and spend some more time.
    I’ll be looking forward to seeing Bar Harbor. Our cruise in September departed NYC, but only made Canadian stops.

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      1. The Last Hurrah?

        The Last Hurrah is located on the ground floor of the Omni Parker House where John F. Kennedy proposed to Jackie; and announced his candidacy for the U.S. Senate.

        It is said that John Wilkes Booth stayed at the Omni and was seen in the alley doing target practice just days before he went to Washington to assassinate President Lincoln.

        The Cheers bar is the old Bull and Finch Pub located on Beacon St.

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