For those of you in the United States, Happy Thanksgiving! Eat responsibly and enjoy!

Bar Harbor is a picturesque tourist town. I’ve been there twice and never did get beyond the tourist area except to visit Acadia National Park. This trip we walked the quaint shopping area and around the beautiful shoreline.

Here’s the shopping area. I seem to leave hats at home, but this time it was on the ship. Oh well, hat collections are good! Yes, I bought a hat.

These colorful kayaks were placed in a position that no photographer could pass up.

The shopping area.

Walking around the shore. The path led to a hotel and then back to the town. We passed a lot of bed and breakfast type accommodations.

Back in town.

These small towns gave us enough time to eat lunch aboard the ship and rest. It was great to just sit and enjoy reading a book.

Next stop is Portland Maine where we walked forever. I needed the rest in Bar Harbor.

6 thoughts on “We continue: Bar Harbor Maine

  1. Nice work – and I envy you your trip to Maine. It’s one place I really want to see – I miss the East sometimes . . . and Happy Thanksgiving to you, too, Anne!

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