What’s your photographic groove? What type of photography do you truly enjoy doing?  I didn’t really know the answer to that question when I first began photography, and it took me a while to find it!

I realized my photographic groove when I bought my Fujifilm XT3. I had all sorts of lenses for my Nikon D7100—ultra-wide, macro, telephoto, and the zoom from 18 – 200 mm. I could photograph all I wanted with those lenses.

First, I found I hardly ever used my ultra-wide lens, my landscape shots didn’t warrant it.

The prime F/4 300 mm was used maybe four times a year at wildlife areas.

The macro was used when I was around flowers and insects.

My walk-around lens, the 18 – 200 mm was used the most.

When I switched to the Fuji two years ago, I bought the two lenses that would give me the same range as my walk around Nikon lens. I wanted a third lens, but which one. After trying a couple, thank you Action Camera in Roseville, I settled on a macro lens. I quickly sold my Nikon macro. No need for redundancy. I’ve thought about buying another Fuji lens but why. If I want a telephoto or ultra-wide, I still have my Nikon set up.

I quickly realized how much I was enjoying the macro lens.

So, what’s my photo groove? Macro. I love shooting macro. It’s a challenge that I enjoy even on breezy days. I still go after great landscapes, sunsets, and wildlife. But when it comes down to it, macro Is my photographic groove.

Now that I’ve told you my story, what’s your photo groove? What gives you that sense of accomplishment? Of joy? Of completion? Your challenge this week is to show and tell us about what type of photography you enjoy the most. I used my choice of lenses to find my grove. You may have a different way. If you don’t have a favorite, that’s okay. Show us your wonderful images and tell us about them. Who knows, doing this exercise may help you realize your photo groove.

Thank you guest host Sarah Wilkie of Travel With Me for the exercise of picking out three of our favorite images. And thank you to all of our other wonderful July guest hosts, Aletta, Jez, Andre and Tracy. When you reply to this challenge, please link to this post and use the lens artists tag. I’m looking forward to seeing your groovy photos. As your LAPC team resumes our rotation, Patti will present next week’s challenge. Be looking for her post. In the meantime have fun and stay safe in your travels.

If you would like to participate weekly in our Lens-Artists Challenge, just click this link and join us: https://photobyjohnbo.wordpress.com/about-lens-artists/

74 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #211: What’s your photographic groove?

  1. Your images are so clear and crisp, Anne. I like them all, including your landscapes. Your bird images are beautiful. I would be very proud of them. The one that touched my heart the most was the painted lock.
    I hope you don’t mind if I sit this one out as I have been taking some truly awful photos lately.


  2. Amazing, Anne! All types of photography you are brilliant at ♥ I must agree that macro/close-ups are favourites with me as well. Thank you for hosting a great challenge!


  3. Thank you for hosting a wonderful theme with us. It´s amazing how you managed to hone your craft or Groove, I can see how passionate you are, your photos are simply work of art.I love nature so I really loved your shots.


  4. Thanks for the great idea, Anne, and telling us about your path of photographical development. Although. I’m using my macro every now and than for either flowers or insects, I don’t use it often. In general, it bores (?) me. I don’t know, if that word is able to describe my feelings exactly. I also like using my macro for portraits. On the other hand, I’m using my long tele lens for doing macro 😳. I can say, I love my long tele as well as my ultra wide angel lens. A few months ago, I did some analysis on this. You can find it here: https://solaner.wordpress.com/2021/05/13/throwback-thursday-analyzing-my-archive/ I was really amazed about the results.


    1. Thanks Andre! Wow, you did an in-depth study of your cameras and lenses. I see that you used a zoom lens most often. When I switched to Fuji, I found that I really miss that lens. Regarding the macro, I have used it for many other types of shooting. Sometimes, I take one lens and that’s the one I use for the outing. I’ve also used my other lenses for close ups. Thanks for the info and for joining in.

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      1. You’re welcome, Anne. I change lenses quite often. The most funny misuse of a lens was, when I didn’t have my macro with me and the other lenses had a too long minimum distance, so that I pulled out my UWW and I got one of my best images: https://solaner.wordpress.com/2017/06/05/mmc-4-07/
        So, try to use, what‘s in your bag and you’re fine. Instead of complaining, try to find other ways to succeed.


    1. Sososo summery, Terri! Love your sunflowers and envy your blogger meetups…but happy to see your photos of them all! I cannot comment on your page though – impossible!

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        1. I cannot log in on the demand I get…I can see the window coming up, but it disappears the moment I try to write in it. Frustrating. It happens to other posts as well.

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  5. Your out-of-groove photos are also quite stunning, for example, that tree. And your groovy (so 60s!!) photos even more so. Love the one with the red dragon: great light, wonderful colours, and such a beautiful subject.

    I find it hard not to jump grooves, so I’m going with my current furrow:

    The valley of death


  6. Thank you for hosting this lovely challenge Anne and sharing your photographic journey with us. I especially love your macro photography and your flower and dragonfly captures are truly stunning! I enjoy pausing in the moment and reflecting a little deeper and am especially drawn to photography that tells a story: https://tranature.com/2022/08/10/haiku-clan-stones/


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