Sometimes architecture calls, especially for photo buddy Richard. I don’t object, because I like it also, especially when there are great reflections. Here are the results of a recent downtown Sacramento outing. Some images have descriptive captions. There are more than my usual picks, so have fun!

You can see there are a lot of new buildings in Sacramento. One of our outings must be focused on the old structures in Sacramento.

15 thoughts on “Sacramento’s buildings

  1. It’s fun to see these buildings, Anne. As a Sacramentan for nearly 40 years, I watched the downtown grow into what it is today. I worked in Old Sacramento in the early 90s. Some of those old buildings are amazing to see. I shopped at that Macy’s and worked as a temp in the Emerald Tower as we called it. The offices were on the 14th floor of that building and in 1986, it was the tallest building in Sacramento at the time. I loved the views of the area from there. I’ve been inside the Golden 1 Center several times for concerts and graduations. In fact, I walked at the grad ceremony for my MS degree in December 2009 at the Memorial Auditorium. Thanks for the walk down memory lane among your beautiful images.

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  2. What a great mix of architecture in the city! I love the old brick building with the balconies (reminds me of Greenwich Village in NYC), the colourful murals and that huge handshake! Thank you for this interesting tour around a city I’ve never visited ๐Ÿ™‚

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