This challenge given to us by Aletta, of Now At Home, brought me back to 2020, the year of lockdown. There are many things I treasure like family, friends, health and our pets. But in 2020 one thing was clear, I truly treasured my weekly photo outings. My senior photo buddies and I created a photo pod and went out in our cars (some separate and some together), met at a designated outdoor spot and spent a couple of hours enjoying photography. Later we would have lunch outdoors (when restaurants opened to outdoor service)–a perfect ending to a brief respite.

I’m showing you some images from my 2020 calendar. I’m sure a lot of these are repeats, but I treasure each and every one of them. If it weren’t for photography, I would have been clawing at my front door, screaming “Let me out!”

Fortunately, my front door doesn’t have any claw marks thanks to photography and friends!

Thank you for all the great interpretations of last week’s challenge “The eyes have it.” I enjoyed them all. When you respond to Aletta’s challenge, please remember to link to her post and use the Lens-Artists tag. Next week Jez Braithwaite of Photos by Jez is hosting Seeing Double so be on the lookout for his post.

July will continue with:

July 16, Andre of My Blog–Solaner is thinking about Summer Vibes.

July 23, Tracy, who posts at Reflections of an Untidy Mind, has chosen Surrealism.

July 30, Sarah Wilkie, who hosts Travel with Me, asks you to share Three Favourite Images.

I’ll be back in August with “What’s your groove?” Until then enjoy your summer and stay safe.

 If you would like to participate weekly in our Lens-Artists Challenge, just click this link and join us:

51 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #206: Treasures

  1. All gorgeous Anne – your flower photography is always very special. I know just what you mean about photography during the worst of COVID. I don’t know how I could have made it though if I lived somewhere where nature wasn’t surrounding me. The outdoors was my salvation with photography a close second!

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  2. Spectacular, Anne, I see why these are your treasures! Love the bald eagle. During the lockdown, at least we could still ride our bikes along the American River Bike Trail, so I get how our hobbies kept our sanity. Just walking the dogs and photographing flowers in the neighborhood was refreshing. Thanks for the list of LA challenges for July.

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  3. A beautiful calendar, for sure, Anne. Interesting that in the WordPress Reader, only one photo showed. I had to go directly to your blog site to see the entire gallery. Another bug in WordPress software, I guess.

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  4. What a fabulous set of images – I can see why your treasure them and the time spent photographing them. I know just what you mean about photography helping you to get through the lockdowns, I felt the same 🙂 I especially love your flower photography, you really have a talent for capturing the beauty of flowers.

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  5. One of a favorite joke was how engineers determined bees, given their tiny wings, shouldn’t be able to fly. However, as bees (and bumblebees) can’t read, they didn’t get the memo.

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  6. Photography was an outlet for a lot of us that year I think. My photo stream for 2020 is full of mundane things around the house, and out of the window. Not at all like your wonderful shots. That sunset is hyper-real! And the insects and flowers are also so beautiful.

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    1. Thank you I. J.! Photography was my only get away that year. When we did go out, we saw people bike riding, walking, fishing, etc. Those outdoor and solitary activities got a lot of people through that year. I bet your shots around the house are not so mundane. I think still lifes are more difficult.

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  7. I know what you mean. I never expected to live through such times. The first two pictures are amazing. I can imagine how having such things within reach would have helped.

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