Let’s go back 21 years when we moved to Sacramento, there was maybe one week of triple digit temperatures during the entire summer. We’ve already had that many and it’s not even the end of June! The heat stiffles any desire to grab a camera and go out for the day. Enough griping!

Recently Marlene and I took advantage of a morning when the temperature was to max out in the 90s and went to William Land Park in Sacramento to photograph the lotus blossoms. I think they were just as affected by the heat as we were. Also the cluster of lotus were far away from the bank of the pond. Getting super close was not possible. Here are some of the blossoms. The close ups are well cropped.

What truly impressed me was the size of the leaves. They were impressive. The lotus aren’t the only attraction at the pond. There are others:

Also, in today’s world, I always get pleasure from the kindness and friendliness of others. We met three women who saw our cameras and asked us to take their picture with their cell phone. We talked with them. They offered advice on how I could reduce the pain in my hip. They also had us take a picture of each of us and them with our cameras. Here’s the one I took of them and Marlene.

This last picture was taken just before entering the pond area. It’s not a lotus but I liked the lighting.

It’s supposed to be cooler this week, so maybe I won’t be so grumpy! We’ll see what July brings. In the meantime, enjoy your summer and stay safe.

25 thoughts on “Triple digits heat wave: Lotus pond, Land Park

  1. Gorgeous images of the lotus flowers and wonderful wildlife Anne and so good to hear about the kindness and help from these three wise women 🧑

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  2. What a gorgeous lotus pond. These are all wonderful photos, it was a pleasuring looking at them. We had 103 last week. Very unusual for us this time of year (or anytime) actually. Hope your temps continue to fall. πŸ˜€

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  3. Beautiful photos of the lotus blossoms! I especially like the tight crops – the one on the middle row far right is my favourite of all! That last photo is fantastic too, with that perfect backlighting on the flower πŸ™‚

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    1. Thanks Sarah! That’s my favorite too. I was lucky I got it sharp enough to get that tight of a crop. And, when I saw the lighting on the flower, I just had to take the photo. Now I’m wondering what it would look like in black and white.

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  4. Wonderful photos. Beautiful lotus flowers aside, I really like the composition of your duck photos!

    I love how having a camera/intently taking photos while traveling leads to unexpected conversations and moments of kindness like this too!


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