I’m still enjoying my short get-a-way to Windsor even though I’ve been home a while. In my last post Lens Artists Challenge: #140: An Change of Scenery, I showed you Windsor and the surrounding countryside. The following day, we drove toward the ocean and ended up at Fort Ross State Historic Park. What a photographers dream that was.

Before you got to the Fort, also called the Russian Fort because it’s a historic Russian-era fort compound that has been designated National Historic Landmark status, you walk through the grounds of beautiful scenery and beaches. Here is a sample:

And now for the Fort. I know I’m giving you a lot to look at, but I’m hoping you’ll think it’s worth your time.

The next day we went to Napa. I’ll save that for another post.

23 thoughts on “The Russian Fort: Fort Ross, Jenner California

  1. Hi, Anne. This is an absolutely gorgeous post. I love your images and the rustic fort. Who knew there were still wooden forts in existence after all these years!


  2. Anne – lucky you! What a beautiful place to visit, much less photograph. You have done a wonderful job here. I think I know where I need to go for a few days! -N


      1. Too far south for an easy trip – just north of LA. Can I use some of your pictures as reference photos? You have some real beauties in this mix.


  3. Thank you, Anne for taking me there, such an enjoyable tour. All are beautiful captured.
    Can’t wait to see your photos of Napa. 🙂


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