It was like this challenge from Beth of Wandering Dogs was just meant for me! I just returned from a scenery change. After a year of wandering around the Sacramento area with my photography pod, my friend Sandy, who lives in Tuolumne City, invited me to spend time with her and her sister Peg in Windsor in Sonoma County, California. I didn’t need to even think about it before I said YES!

Sandy picked me up on Monday and returned me on Thursday. We had two full days of seeing the sights and taking pictures. I haven’t been able to edit all the pictures yet, but I can show you the small town of Windsor.

Here are the small shops and buildings in the downtown area.

From the town we go into the countryside.

Day two had us go to the coast, ending up at Fort Ross State Historic Park. The next day we drove through Napa. Those pictures still need editing.

I totally needed and enjoyed my time away. A change of scenery is always a good idea, especially after a year of in and out of lockdown. And thank you Sandy for driving and Peg for your hospitality.

24 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #140: A Change of Scenery

  1. Good for you Anne (both literally and figuratively!). Looks like you had a marvelous visit – you could work for their chamber of commerce! Of course your final image is a stunner!!


  2. How lovely to get away for a few days like that! I confess to being a tad jealous – we’re still under a ‘stay home’ order here and won’t ab able to stay away from home until mid April at the earliest 😦

    I love your weather barn photo in particular 😀 I can imagine you went a bit camera-crazy at that spot? I know I would!!


  3. What an enjoyable get-away trip, Anne! Thank you for taking us along. Lovely images of the DT shops. Beautiful countryside. The last image is like a beautiful painting.


  4. What a wonderful getaway! Your images of the beautiful small town make me want to walk down the street and look in every window. And the countryside is so peaceful! I love the old barn the most. Thank you for sharing your change of scenery.


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