I cringed when I saw the word geometry in Patti’s challenge post. All I could think of was math; my worst subject in school. But, shapes I understand. We look for them as we do our photography. They help make our images interesting. Many give our pictures depth and help them look three dimensional.

Here’s what I found while looking through my archives.

One of my favorite buildings, the CALSTRS building in West Sacramento has many angles, lines and shapes.

And here are a couple from Fort Point in San Francisco: stairs and a shape within a shape within a shape (actually a hallway).

There are lots of triangles and other shapes at the top of the transformers at the Folsom Historic Powerhouse and in the stairs at the Great Bear Vineyard.

And the flowing structural lines at the Manetti Shrem Museum at UC Davis and The Barn in West Sacramento.

Last, a simple store entrance gives us rectangles, squares, triangles and circles. Taken in Sutter Creek.

21 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #141: Geometry

  1. Like you Anne, I rather cringed at the thought of geometry but was amazed at how many of my images fit the challenge. You clearly have a great eye for shapes and lines, as shown in your response this week. I loved them all, especially Fort Point stairs and the two images from West Sacramento.


  2. Hi, Anne. I wasn’t much of a math student, so we’re alike in that way! But I do love geometry in photography. Your collection is wonderful and varied. I love the Fort Point stairs. The West Sacramento architecture is really interesting, too. Thanks for adding to our collection this week!


  3. Thanks Patti! I so totally enjoyed your challenge. Now I want to go back to Fort Point with my Fujifilm camera which does much better in low light. When this pandemic is under control!


  4. I have already told Patti that Geometry was my least favorite subject in school. But your responses are wonderful. I am especially taken with the staircase photos. and the Great Bear Vineyard is a work of art IMHO. I have already started to find some geometric shapes in my archives as well so Geometry has turned out to be a better challenge than I thought it would be.


    1. Thanks Sarah! Just the mention of math makes me cringe. I remember helping my younger grandson with new math. I had to figure out how they did it and then help. Photography helps me relax and I never get technical with it.

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