Yes, goodbye to 2019!! I can’t say that it’s been the worst year, but it hasn’t been the best for me personally. I feel like my photography journey is on a roundabout and is unsuccessful in getting off to continue down the road.

I think my health is under control now, but with the beta blocker I’m on, any shooting beyond 8 p.m. is not happening. I just get too tired, but my heart is beating better. I call it my new normal!

December has been a rainy, cold, overcast and damp month which adds to the photo blues. I’ve tried to make the most of partly cloudy and sunny days, but they are few. Here, in California, December, January and February are traditionally our rainy months. The rest of the year is pretty dry, so we are hoping for more rain, and, of course, more complaining. My photo buddies and I are trying to think of more indoor places to take our cameras to. You might see some familiar places in the next couple of months.

Meanwhile, let’s finish up some of 2019 with visits to William Land Park in Sacramento and Effie Yeaw Nature Center in Carmichael.

Jeanne and I went to William Land Park to catch some Fall Color in mid November. There was barely any left, but we did shoot for about an hour.

Next is Effie Yeaw. Marlene and I went to capture the deer rutting. They weren’t rutting that morning, but there were many deer.

Oh, I did get my calendars, and they look good. But, they are not exactly the way I wanted them to be as far as lay out. There’s always 2020. If I don’t blog again before, Happy New Year!!

6 thoughts on “Goodbye 2019! Land Park & Effie Yeaw

  1. Happy New Year, Anne! I hope you find some new mojo for photography in 2020. As you know, I am moving a lot into film, which is something I am looking forward to. My 2019 project, even though it was often in color, required one black and white photo a day, either in film or digital, taken and edited into B&W. How’s that? I learned a lot, too! Your photography has gotten so good over the past several years – that plateau is there to be conquered! Anyway, enjoy this new year and adventures which lie ahead. x – N


  2. Thank you -N. I think now that I’m feeling better, my photo mojo will return. Good luck with your B&W project in 2020. I think a major turning point for me was doing the 365 a couple of years ago. I might try to come up with a different challenge next year–maybe processing challenges. We’ll see what I come up with. Happy New Year!


  3. Happy New Year, Anne!! I hope 2020 brings more health and photo opportunities for all of us!!
    By the way, I love these last photos of 2019… specially the deer!! They look magical with those tones and the low morning fog.


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