It’s the third day of 2020, and my first shoot of the year was a real estate shoot. I am anxious to get out with my camera for something else! I guess that will happen sometime next week.

In the meantime, I do have a couple of outings still not posted like the Victorian Christmas in Nevada City. This is a yearly happening in this small touristy town in Nevada County. The streets are decorated, all vehicle traffic is closed off on the main street, vendors take up the streets and people walk around in period costumes.

I once went to this at night, 2013, when the temperature was down to 25 degrees F! It was great that vendors were selling hot drinks! I had just started this photography hobby and now that I look back, the pictures were not that good. They were the best I could do at the time. It’s amazing for me to see the difference!

So back to the present and my images from this outing!

I didn’t take a lot of pictures since it was crowded and cold. One last story: We were having a difficult time finding a parking spot. As we were going up and down residential streets, I saw a woman and her driveway was empty. Since I was driving, I asked Marlene and Ray to see if we could park in her driveway. I was willing to pay for the privilege. She not only agreed, but with Ray’s help moved some fencing to make room for us. She said she didn’t want any payment. How nice was that! We did buy her a small gift.

I’m probably not going back to Nevada City for the Victorian Christmas. However, I might visit another small town next year!

11 thoughts on “But I’m still posting 2019! Victorian Christmas in Nevada City

  1. Some great photos there, thanks for sharing. If you do happen to look at my blog you will notice I’ve not posted much lately and it’s mainly health and Kidney Disease/Organ Donation based but I will be starting again soon mainly based on my Photography.


    1. Thank you! I did visit your blog and I wish you luck. I think you did receive a donor kidney. I look forward to seeing your photography. It’s tough when health gets in the way of doing what you enjoy. Take care!

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      1. Actually it was after going through a rather bad spell and being on the brink of depression that got me more involved in photography. I’ve always liked it but mainly snapshots which I’ve been doing since I was very young and then later just at special events, holidays etc. I’d not long bought an updated compact, this was about 6 years ago, but I then won a Canon Powershot G7 X, it was the presets that got me interested, then when I got bad I started shooting moor which kept me going into a deep depression. So after a couple of years I bought my DSLR, only Canon 1300d/Rebel T6, I got what I could afford and something that wasn’t too complicated so then just left to rot, now though I think I’ve gone as far as I can with it and want to upgrade, I just can’t afford to which is annoying so I’m plodding on with.
        Thanks for taking the time to read some of my blog, yes I did get a Kidney, exactly 2 years and 2 weeks ago, my 4th Transplant. This one from my Brother


  2. I have a cousin in Colfax. When I first visited him years ago we went to Nevada City, long before it became so impossibly popular. Those hills! The Victorian Christmas is perfect for it – but I doubt I would ever go there as I imagine, fun as it is, it is nutso! Great pictures here, Anne. Happy New Year!


  3. Thanks =N! It was “nutso!” I think I lose my mojo when things are so crowded. You set up a shot and as you press the shutter, someone walks through the frame. I did it twice and I think that’s enough. I doubt that any other town would be better. Sutter Creek would probably be just as crowded.


  4. Happy New Year, Anne!!! And thanks for showing this Victorian Christmas markets!! It’s always nice to see how Christmas is celebrated in other countries, specially in places where the climate is so different… not the typical white and cold Christmas! hehehe (not that we have a lot of white Christmas in Spain, but it is cold here for sure!!!)
    I like to see that not only vendors wear costumes. It’s fun when everybody participates in the event! 🙂


  5. Happy New Year to you too Mercedes! The reason I love California is that I could go up to Tahoe for a White Christmas or stay in Sacramento and be warm! The last time I was up in Nevada City at night time, it was snowing, white and cold. I remember when we lived in Southern California we used to go up to the mountains so the kids could play in the snow. Then we’d come back to our warmer San Fernando Valley! I look forward to seeing your winter images.


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