The beginning:

I’m sure you all know that things don’t always turn out as scheduled. For instance, Marlene and I had planned to go to the Sacramento Zoo for the first photo outing of 2020; however, I left my camera case (full of gear) at my kid’s house. I didn’t think my Nikon D3100 and an 18 – 55 mm lens would do well at the zoo. So where to go?

Marlene said that she had three things to take pictures of, but never got to it. This seemed perfect! A short but sweet shoot and all in Sacramento. We just wanted to get out with our cameras. The first on her list was a horse statue, but it had galloped away. Where, we didn’t know. So, on to the next, a bigger than life sized lumber jack statue outside a Lumberjacks restaurant He hadn’t stomped away!

Next was the bigger than life size chicken. I tried to get various angles, but it was fenced in. But, it was unusual!

The end:

For the last shoot of 2019, Marlene and I decided to tempt the possibility and do some street photography at The Fountains, in Roseville, an outdoor mall featured in this blog many times. I thought on December 26 there would be a lot of bargain shoppers, but I was wrong. One store owner allowed us to take photos of his beautiful inventory, and a lot of it was on sale. Here’s what we found.

There you have it. The beginning and the end. A little backwards, but then………

7 thoughts on “The end and the beginning: The Fountains & About Town

  1. Sounds like a bit of a frustrating day – hope you get your gear back soon! On the other hand, you did a fine job with your lower end stuff and I enjoyed this quite a bit.


  2. Thanks -N! I got my gear back the next day. I think we need to realize that not everything you shoot will be of something wonderful. I thought it was a challenge to shoot something that was ordinary. I’m glad you enjoyed this post.


  3. This reminded me the day I went hiking to Flims… The conditions were perfect: the fog was just starting to disappeared, the light was soft and golden, filtering through the trees, there was fresh snow everywhere, the lakes had a beautiful turquoise colors… AND I FORGOT MY SD CARD!!! I felt so so so frustrated (and I was carrying the big 100-400 as well as the camera + a 24-70mm… so much weight for nothing!!)… At least you found a plan B (or various, hehehe) and, seeing the photos, they turned out well.
    That giant chicken sculpture reminded me also to the Kelpies in Scotland (they are weird and beautiful horse statues!)


    1. Thanks Mercedes! I’ve not put the SD card back in the camera too. Once when all I had was my 3100! My 7100 has two SD card holders and that’s saved me a couple of times. I also have a couple in my camera bag, but if you don’t have the bag!!


    1. Thanks Donna! Next time you travel, let me know a head of time and I’ll be sure to get inside your head. When I saw how big the lumberjack was, I decided to get it from as many angles as I could. The chicken–oh well!!

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