I wasn’t enthused, but I do enjoy shooting with Laura. In fact I haven’t been enthused about many shoots this year. It’s not been a wonderfully healthy year for me, so I’ve stayed close to Sacramento. And, I haven’t been overjoyed with my images either. I may be just too critical, or it might be that I haven’t traveled any distance to shoot something different.

So when Laura suggested we look for Fall color in Napa, I said the vines are turning brown. She said they were changing color! She also wanted to pick up some wine. Off we went down the Silverado Trail where many wineries and vineyards are found.

She was right. The vines did give us some color. The fog gave us some drama. The eventual sun gave us some good lighting. And, Laura got her wine!

I’m glad I went on this outing. All I had to do was sit and enjoy conversation while she drove.

6 thoughts on “In search of wine and color: Napa Valley

  1. It is a drag when health issues keep you from doing and going where you want – and impinging on life in general. I was getting pretty tired of my digital life so film has helped there – the excitement of the film coming back. I just have it processed (though I hope to learn to do my own soon) and scan it myself. That is also exciting. Maybe you should get out your dusty film camera again!

    That said, you got some really beautiful shots here. I like being a passenger as there is so much more to see than when you are the driver. The color changes of leaves and hills is really lovely. And now that the rains have come, even more changes to anticipate!

    Have a wonderful holiday season, Anne!


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