I do this each year and each time it’s a different frustrating experience! I give photo calendars each year to friends and relatives in December. Hopefully, they will use it during the year and like my photos that adorn each page. Each year I use Costco Online Photo Center. Each year the website is changed. And, each year I need to call them!

Today, was the worse experience of all. I had to call immediately after loading my pictures. Here are my frustrations:

  1. I took the time to choose the pictures and name them by month for easy insertion into the calendar. But, when they were imported, they had no names or file numbers!
  2. I chose the custom calendar, but there was nothing custom about it. However, this year you could pick various holidays to print on the various months.
  3. To get started, I had to go through choosing my set up three times. The only way I could get my pictures into the calendar was to insert one of the pictures in each month. I was told I could go back and change the template after that.
  4. I was very limited in the length of the text I wanted to insert.

I’m done with it and will proof it tomorrow. I’m hoping that will go easy and I can send it off to print. I’m still wondering why they need to change the “how to” each year!

Okay, griping over–maybe! Today I’m going to show you some photos from our annual trip to Apple Hill. It’s an area above Placerville where all the growers have formed an association, and welcome visitors to purchase apples, pies, food, etc. Photographers go to buy pies and take photos of the beautiful fall scenery.

We’ve gone so many times, so we tried to find different places to shoot. Here’s what we found.

If tradition holds true, we’ll be back next year. I did buy a small apple pie for Richard!

4 thoughts on “Creating a calendar & website navigation: Apple Hill

    1. Thanks Donna! I’ve looked into Shutterfly, but they are more expensive than Costco. I do about 15 calendars so the cost can get up there. In the end, the product is nice, but getting there isn’t easy!


  1. I love the idea of giving away calendars to my family!!! But yes, then I see the horrible software to make them and I immediately desist… And then I always think: “ok, we all have now our calendars in our phones, so, do they really need them? It’s been years since the last time I put one on my own home!!” And in the end, I never do the calendars, hehehe. But I’m sure yours will look beautiful!! And now I’m very curious and I want to see the photos you chose for each month! 🙂
    And I like the photos of this post. So full of colors and beautiful details! They make me miss the autumn already! Here in Switzerland colors are gone and now everything is grey and brown… Fortunately, we have already the Christmas markets and lights in the cities and they look so pretty! 🙂
    Have a nice week, Anne!


  2. Thanks Mercedes! When looking through my images for the calendar, I wasn’t that impressed with my choices. It’s been a tough year health wise, so I’ve stayed local when I’ve gone out to shoot except for a couple of occasions. The people I give the calendar to hold on to it because of the pictures. Some put it on a wall. Most of all, they are happy to get something from me and my images. If you send me your email, I can send you the calendar photos. Take care!


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