Truth. I wasn’t going to renew my Sacramento Zoo membership. While they are talking about moving to larger acreage, they invested in creating a larger enclosure of glass for the lions. Part of it was where they had the tiger. I know I can use a long lens and get through the cages, but glass? Smudges and dirt?

I remember trying to photograph the meerkats when they first arrived, but their glass enclosure was dirty and it was difficult to get a good shot. But, I reluctantly renewed my membership when my photo group visited the zoo last month.

One thing positive, I didn’t have to carry my heavy F/4 prime 300 mm lens. My walk-around 18 – 200 mm was perfect and much lighter and versatile. Here’s some of what I photographed.

So that’s my experience with glass enclosures at the zoo. I’m glad I renewed my membership. I just need to get there early in the morning so the glass is fairly clean!

Just to let you know–I’ve started Matt Kloskowski’s Photoshop course I purchased about 2 years ago. I’ve done two lessons which consist of many tutorials. So far so good!

6 thoughts on “Bone day: Sacramento Zoo

  1. I like zoos. I may not like the small spaces at times, but with the way the planet is plummeting, they are important. That said, these are really nice photos – and clean glass is nice, too. I never thought about an early morning trip to the zoo to avoid this! A good variable zoom, as you had with you, really hits the spot. I like to travel light . . .


  2. Thanks Mercedes! The glass enclosures are closer to the public than the cages were. With that and the fact that the lions can come closer to you, my 200 mm worked well. It also gave me the freedom to shoot the other animals too.


  3. I like our zoo because it is small. You can get through it in 1 1/2 hours. I’m sure I’ll learn to enjoy the close proximity the glass enclosures give us as long as the glass is kept clean.


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