It’s a quick trip to see deer, coyotes, turkeys, hawks, and the river, so we go there often. It’s Effie Yeaw Sacramento Nature Center located in Carmichael along the American River. Actually, I’ve seen all of the above in my community, but we just have a creek, not a river!

But there’s something special about Effie Yeaw. I remember taking my younger grandkids there and while walking through the meadow, we passed a herd of deer, most of them bucks. Of course I was without camera! I find that my camera keeps me from enjoying the experience with the kids.

Recently I was there in October and November (this week). I usually see at least one deer, and if they are talented, they hide among the trees! Let’s look at my last two visits!

I love reflections!

The trees at Effie Yeaw are so expressive. And, in November we found some Fall color.

I did mention deer and coyote.

The pond is covered in some sort of algae right now. But, there are still ducks way back in the water.

Last, is the river. Last Saturday morning, it was beautiful with fog, and the sun periodically peaking through the moisture laden clouds.

I’m hoping that we have a wet winter so we’ll have green meadows and more deer coming out. I read in the newspaper that most of California is in a “low moisture” state. I’m hoping to show you a greener Effie Yeaw!

4 thoughts on “Where we go for a local nature fix: Effie Yeaw Sacramento Nature Center

  1. Thanks -N-! Rain would be great. I hope you’re right. Are you affected by the PG&E power shut offs? Here in Sacramento, we have SMUD so we’re okay. When I lived in LA, we had the Dept. of Water & Power.


  2. Nice shots, Anne!! It’s great to know an area where you can find these animals roaming free. I understand why you don’t carry the camera when you’re with your grandkids. I guess it’s even a better experience to watch them enjoy the wild animals and nature 🙂 And it’s so great that you have a place near home where to can see these magnificent animals!


  3. Thanks Mercedes! It’s fun to watch the kids, although they are getting to the age where nature doesn’t satisfy them! Electronic devices have their attention now. And, it is great to live in proximity to wild animals. There are many where I live. Once someone saw a mountain lion. I’m thinking we’re encroaching on their habitat.


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