Right now I can feel the sun’s warmth on my back as I write this post. What a treat! And, during the next week and a half, the worst they are predicting is 30% chance of rain! Am I smiling? Absolutely!

A couple of days ago, I introduced this two-part post with Valley Oak Wool Mill and promised to show you Frate Sole Olive Oil in a second post. The two are right next to each other, in Woodland, and participated in the Yolo Art & Ag program.

We were welcomed graciously by Andrea Mayer, whose family owns and operates the olive orchard. She told us that a talk was being given at Valley Oak and tea would be ready when we returned. Return we did. I totally enjoyed sitting and sipping the hot tea and touring her facility. We didn’t go out into the orchard too far because the ground was wet and muddy. One photographer came back telling us to be prepared to get wet up to our ankles! We decided to stay put.

After tea, we walked around, met Abby, the dog, and listened to her presentation and tasted some of her delicious olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I’m not a fan of balsamic, but hers was wonderful!

The day was overcast, ground wet, and puddles large and small were showing reflections. This was a perfect photography opportunity! Enjoy my images.

8 thoughts on “The sun is shining: Valley Oak Wool Mill & Frate Sole Olive Oil, part 2

  1. I was especially drawn to the 3rd photo, a landscape almost ethereal…..and the last photo similar in nature. Elaine commented that they looked like paintings. She continues to move along on her rehab after knee replacement surgery…..we walked a mile and a half today….Yea!!! Love, Lynn


    1. Thanks Lynn! So glad to hear that Elaine is progressing. Walking 1 1/2 miles is great. It was that kind of day in Woodland. Puddles forming small ponds, mud making the roads gritty and the cloudy sky threatenig to pour. A good day for photography, but not old bones!!


  2. I can imagine your big smile as the sun warms you! 🙂 I hope it stays for a long time, so you can go out and take lots of photos!!!
    How different looks this farm to the olive groves in Spain! Even if the south of Spain is also hot and there are a lot of palm trees there, it doesn’t look that tropical, hehehe.
    I love the landscapes, Anne! They look so different between them, the first ones so sunny and the last one so dramatic… I like that contrast 🙂


    1. Thanks Mercedes. Maybe if I weren’t so much of a coward, I would have walked through the orchard, but I figured with the cold I had, I didn’t want to get ankle deep in water. There will be another day. As much as I’m tired of the rain, I did like the dark skies and the drama they gave to the landscape. Maybe I’ll try processing them in black and white. Thanks again.


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