My body says enough with the rain. Truly it cannot handle this much dampness. The house is 70 degrees F, and I’m sitting at the computer wearing a turtle neck top, sweater, jeans and a bathrobe. I’m still cold! I’d go to the pool area and sit in the hot tub, but it’s raining! Do I sound fed up? I am!

Okay, now that I’ve complained about Mother Nature, let’s move on to more fun activities–meaning taking the camera out for an outing. Last week we went to the monthly Yolo Art & Ag activity at Valley Oak Wool Mill and Frate Sole Olive Oil.

Both are in Woodland, and are right beside each other. They were easy to find. I say that because navigating the country roads can get tough when you’re not familiar with the area. This visit was inbetween rain storms and the road was puddled, but in good condition.

When we arrived we first went to Frate Sole, not realizing that a talk was being given at Valley Oak. The talk was almost over by the time we walked over there, but we were able to get the gist of it. Owner and operator Marcail McWilliams spins wool for her customers who supply the wool. Once spun into yarn, she returns the finished product to the client. I was amazed at the size of the machinery she works on. Her yarns are simply beautiful.

With these many images, I’ll save Frate Oil for the next post. As you can see, it was still overcast and wet. Let’s have some sun!

5 thoughts on “Enough is enough: Valley Oak Wool Mill & Frate Sole Olive Oil

  1. Old bones need to dry out! Mine dislike the damp, so even if it is 68 in the house, I close the windows, and turn on the furnace to dry out the house. Being used to dry climates, the damp gets to us for sure.

    Great pictures, Anne, but more – oh, I am so in lust with all that wool! I love to spin and knit, and part of me sez run away to help so I can roll in all that lovely stuff. I found her website and am so glad you posted this.

    Your photos are coming along fab. Now that I am retired, I hope to return to our local club and improve my skills.

    Keep the posts coming, and turn on that furnace!


  2. Thanks -N-! Putting on layers helped a lot. I’m so glad you found her website. I don’t know how much retail business she does, but I’m sure you’ve found out. Yes, get back into your local photo club. Your images are fantastic already!


  3. So California went from drought to never ending rain?? I hope at least everything is a bit greener and with flowers!!! I know how depressing those rainy days can be… it was my main complain in Ireland!! How dark the sky was, and how cold, even during summer. But again, that is the reason why Ireland is the Emerald island, right? I remember that in those days I always went out to photograph flowers… the Botanical Garden was my favorite place, but any park would do it too 🙂 (by the way, my husband found me a few times with even my gloves on at home, doing stuff on my laptop, just because the laptop was another extra heat source apart from the clothes layers… imagine how cold Irish apartments can be!!)
    So interesting reportage!!! I love the details of the different stages of the wool and the machines to process it. I guess this is the kind of traditional industry that we don’t see so often anymore!


    1. The sun is shining today, showers for tomorrow, and then I hope we are done! Maybe? Hope! I’ve always wanted to visit Ireland, but maybe not. I’ll just enjoy it through your images. My body just can’t take dampness any more. The rain is leaving us with green hills and wildflowers. Of course, when summer hits, we’ll be complaining about the heat!


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