We photographers never know when or if Daffodil Hill will open for the public. It all depends on the weather, and you know how fickle Mother Nature can be. Last year it didn’t open at all because of the rains. In years past, the owners had to close early because of rain.

This family attraction is located in the tiny town of Volcano, Amador County. It’s family owned and operated. People can visit without charge, but there are donation boxes and a small gift shop at the front. It’s great for families who picnic in the parking lot, walk the paths that wind through the And, if all goes well, 300,000 flowers fill the hillside when in full bloom.

These are personally planted by the family and volunteers help direct traffic into and out of the parking lot. I had been there before and posted about it in a blog. But that visit was during the week, not too crowded and peacocks were showing off in numbers. This time, being the first day and on a Saturday, it was crowded, no peacocks. There seemed to be less flowers too.

So why did I go on opening day? I didn’t think it would be open very long with rain being predicted. Laura had never been there, and I thought it would be fun to take photos of the crowds. With Marlene riding shotgun and navigating, we began our adventure a little late, sat in traffic while waiting to park, and finally entered after a half hour.

And, I was right!! Daffodil Hill closed for the season. three days after it opened! This venue is truly a labor of love and dedication for the family and volunteers. No captions for the flowers–you know what they are!

11 thoughts on “Open and Shut: Daffodil Hill, Volcano, California

  1. I love the daffodil photos, Anne!! I’ve always struggle to photograph yellow and red flowers… I find those colors to be the most complicated of all!! It’s so difficult to capture them with the correct exposure… just a bit over of subexposed and the photo loses all the details of the flowers and it’s just plain yellow or red… You managed the colors and light very well!!
    And I like very much the photo of the man and the little girl admiring the flowers… such a contrast between those two persons! Great capture!


  2. Thanks Mercedes! I do enjoy shooting flowers. The only time I’ve had problems with colors is when I’m doing real estate photography. Black, dark blue, orange and red drive me crazy. I don’t know what’s going on in the camera when I take those photos. Desaturating the color helps most of the time. Love your Lapland photos.


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