I love black and white images when done right. Meaning, not every shot is suitable for black and white unless you know how to burn and doge with ease. Since I’m not artistic, I wait for the picture that is suitable for black and white. Thank you Patti for having me explore my black and white images and the concept of monochrome.

Who would have thought a beautiful lotus flower would be suitable for black and white? I did after processing this in color and then playing around a bit.

At this point I need to explain how I create a black and white image. I shoot all my images in color and process them in color. I then take the images I think might look good in black and white and export them to NIK Silver Efex (lately I’ve even converted them in Lightroom, especially for this post,), play with it and then export back into Lightroom. I liked the way the shadows fell on this flower’s petals.

For shadows I have three examples. Explanations are in the captions.

The next two are reflections that I just processed to black and white. I wasn’t too happy with the contrast of the landscape so I played with a green filter.

Here’s an image of a person sleeping in an area of dark shadows.

I’ll end with images that are among my favorite black and whites.

Thanks for this fun challenge Patti! Please remember to link to Patti’s post and use the Lens-Artists tag when you post your reply to this amazing exercise. Last week we all enjoyed your variety of responses to Donna’s Messages. Amy will be bringing you next week’s challenge. Be sure to look for her post.

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49 thoughts on “Lens Artists Challenge #235: Shadows and Reflections in Monochrome

  1. Oh how cool to see the Rio Vista bridge, Anne! It looks gorgeous in black and white. Just south of there along the river is where all the windsurfing happens. Thanks for sharing your editing process. Your opening shot of Lake Waterton NP is amazing and I like your green monochrome snap as well!

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  2. Very helpful explanation of your process. That first flower shot is very artistic. The swans is wonderful, but my favorite is that person sleeping by the sidewalk. It tells a great story.

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    1. Thank you Dan! I especially liked what you said about the lotus since I don’t consider myself artistic. I will admit that a photo buddy suggested I crop off more of the right side of the picture. He was right. Yes, the sleeping person does tell a story–a sad one.

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  3. That lotus flower is stunning! What a beautiful collection this week, Anne. I enjoyed reading about your process. I love the Nik Collection, too. I love the magic of seeing color images transform into black and white. As you say, some images work really well; others not so much. It’s fun experimenting. Have a great week!


  4. I like to use Silver Efex too, and like you I prefer to start with a colour image ๐Ÿ˜ƒ You’ve used it here to create some fabulous edits! I love the lotus, the gravestone flower, the greenish landscape and Waterton Lake especially!


    1. Thanks Tracy! I can see an opportunity, but can’t create it. I’ll never be able to arrange a still life, but I can compose a picture around one. I’m so glad you like the flowers on the gravestone. That’s an emotional one that tells a story.


  5. Absolutely love your choices this week Anne. The lotus is spectacular!! Also really liked the image of the person sleeping altho it’s quite sad. Also liked your explanation of your process. Terrific post.

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  6. You outdid yourself on this one Anne. You must be so pleased with the lotus. I agree, who knew it could be so beautiful in B & W. It is stunning! The blue filter offers an almost “out of this world” look to your shadows. My favorite is the person sleeping in the shadows.

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