I have a lot to look back at; but, at 79, I prefer to look forward! However, Sophia is challenging us to look back and see how things have changed. I remember having a party-line phone when I was a kid, and now I have a phone, small enough to hold in my hand and it’s all mine!

But getting back to photography, my New England trip showed me old architecture and new. Here in Boston one side of the street has old buildings and the other has new.

I found the same in Portland Maine.

Sacramento also shows old and new. Here’s a building in Old Sacramento and another on Capitol Avenue near the State Capitol building.

Also in Sacramento I found old and new escape routes. Fire escapes (But, maybe not as I’m looking at them now. They may just be terraces, but we can pretend they are fire escapes!) and a stairwell. They used the Fire escapes instead of stairs and the stairwell instead of the elevators.

Now on to the Crocker Art Museum. The old home was gifted by the Crocker family to be used as an art museum. You are only seeing the outside, but the inside is beautiful. A new additional building was added on and is the main entrance. The two buildings are connected and can be accessed inside.

My last trip down memory lane and back is the Peanuts comic strip. During my recent visit to the Charles Schultz Museum in Santa Rosa I photographed a couple of Schultz’s early strips.

This is what the strip looks like today as Classic Peanuts after Charles Schultz’s passing.

Sophia, this was fun! Thanks for the journey. I am happier with my cell phone then a party line

We all enjoyed seeing your 2022 fabulous favorites last week. When you respond to this challenge, please remember to link to Sophia’s post and use the Lens Artists tag. I’ll be leading the Challenge next week so stay tuned!

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31 thoughts on “Lens Artists Challenge #232: Looking Back

      1. Yes! Or maybe the only option in that area -?
        But someone was recently complaining that their phone calls are listened to and someone else told them it is nothing new
        Switch board operators were taking notes for years

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    1. Thanks Sarah! I’m so glad someone else had a party line too. They weren’t very private. I also remember listening to the radio because there was no TV. Now we can watch shows on our cell phones. What’s next???

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  1. Terrific choice this week Anne, I never thought of architecture I must admit! At the end of the day, one wonders how today’s modern architecture will stand the test of time. As for phones, I distinctly remember our party line when I was a little girl. I remember being asked by one of the other parties to end a call because they had to make one. How weird is that in hindsight?! Loved your cartoon ending as well. Terrific post.

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    1. Thanks Tina! I think our modern architecture is beautiful and will hold up. Just imagine the future archeologists digging up our civilization and wondering about us. What would they think and say?


  2. Like you, I like to look ahead more than to the past, but there is a phrase or something that says the answers to the future lie in the past. I guess that could cover everything! And nothing, too. Enjoyed very much seeing the old and the new side by side, especially the Peanuts cartoons and thoughts about the telephones. I wish I could still use my old rotary phone as it really is a bit of fun. Hope all is well in your part of NoCal.

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  3. I loved your creative take for this one, Anne. The Peanuts cartoons are a great add. Amazing how most of us who looked forward to that “Sunday Funnies” section now read the news online.

    I love that you captured the new with the old buildings, especially Boston and in Maine. Its something I ally admire about New England and yet don’t think I have ever grabbed a photo of the two together. Very nice.


  4. Thanks -N! I think we learn from past mistakes, but keep making new mistakes and learn from those too. So we evolve from prior mistakes. If that makes sense. I’m glad you enjoyed this post. Did you have a Princess phone? Things are super wet here in NoCal. Sac City lost a lot of trees that hit homes and tore up streets. The last I read there were 17 dead. And there’s a lot of flooding in more rural areas. We are okay here in Citrus Heights. Trees are down, but no real flooding. Thanks for asking!


  5. Wonderful old and new architectural shots, Anne. I love the one of Boston and clearly, I need to visit Sacramento. The historical view of Peanuts is interesting! The colors now are so vivid for the comic strip. I enjoyed that! Take care and have a good week.

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  6. Hi Anne
    we love this combination of old and new. The many faces of architecture.
    We like Boston, we lived there for half a year before moving to Vermont and settled down in Maine in the end.
    Keep well
    The Fab Four of Cley
    ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

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  7. Hi, Anne. I missed your post completely, I don’t think the pingback worked. I’m glad I saw it before your challenge and had a chance to comment. Architecture is close to my heart and it’s a incredible source of contrasts as you so well demonstrated. Brilliantly photographed.

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