Last Thursday was the one day the sun had a chance to warm us up and show us how light can be good for photography and the human soul. Marlene and I took advantage of nature’s sunshine and went to photograph our local Fair Oaks Bridge, in Fair Oaks, that spans across the American River. If you didn’t know the water level before, it’s difficult to understand how high the water level is now. As of this writing we are expecting more rain tonight.

Here are my captures of this iconic bridge and river.

Come Friday the forecast calls for partly cloudy to sunshine for about a week. That will allow the soil to dry up and storm clean up can continue. AND, maybe a chance for more photography!

10 thoughts on “The sun commanded the sky, for a while: The Fair Oaks Bridge

    1. That’s California Tracy. We get a few years of normal rain fall. Then go into a drought situation. Then comes the abnormally high amount of rain and we flood and in some mountain areas, have mud slides. But it’s a beautiful state.

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  1. Great shots!!! Well done.

    Here in Spain we have had a few days of heavy snowfall and cold, now that the temperature is starting to rise slightly, the concern is about the level of the rivers and the problems they may cause. Every time the atmospheric phenomena are more extreme.


  2. Thanks Ana! I think Nature is trying to tell us something. We are not doing right by our planet and the weather is extreme worldwide. Good luck with your rivers. The sun should be shining for the week and it will be a chance for the ground to dry out. Now, I have to figure out where it’s safe to do photography!


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