Sophia, I had so much fun with this challenge. I seldom take the time to try different things with my images once I’ve processed them, so this was an enjoyable practice. I may do it more often.

I played with exposure in post processing, using images in my archives. Most of them have been posted before. First, the high key images. I used a great egret taking off. I wanted to see what happens when you do a white bird as an overexposed image. Then I had fun with some of my roses.

This was a dark pink rose, I lightened the color, added a misty filter and then a white vignette.

Now for the overexposures. I found these easier than the high-key images.

For my last bit of fun. I was trying to do a building in high-key and tried the infrared filter. I played around with it and I like it. I usually don’t like infrared images.

I hope you’re having fun with Sophia’s challenge too. When you post, be sure to link to her original post and use the Lens-Artists tag. We enjoyed reading about and seeing everyone’s Flight of Fancy last week. There were many variations of the theme. I’ll be leading next week’s challenge so look out for my post.

If you would like to participate weekly in our Lens-Artists Challenge, clickย hereย for more info.ย 

39 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #224: Exposure

  1. I’m so happy you enjoyed playing with your photos, Anne. The bird one is absolutely amazing, the underexposure worked really well, all details are there and the dark background gives it more of a focus. I don’t tend do use infrared filters often, but some subjects are perfect for it, like your photo; it’s brilliant.

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    1. Thanks Sofia! The infrared image was first processed in NIK Color Efex to give it an old look which went along with the columns of the building. The infrared preset gave it a whole different dimension. Thanks for this challenge.

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  2. Anne, I will be following your example and sharing images from the gallery as well. Your Infrared Filter image is my favorite. I have never tried to create an infrared filter in post processing, but I really like how that looks. I might have to experiment some to see how it works for me.


  3. Nicely done Anne! I loved your results – we can really have so much fun with our images if only there were more hours in the day (like today’s switch to DST LOL). Your bird image is marvelous and your final infrared is lovely. As always, you are the master of flower photography!

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  4. Great experiments with exposure, Anne. I especially love your images on the dark side! The bird in particular is stunning. And your infrared experiment works. I haven’t had much luck with infrared, but I’ll try it again at some point. Great idea!


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