Patti’s motion challenge propelled (good motion word) me to try panning which is why this response is just a little late. My experiment of panning a car as it past by was a dismal failure. Therefore, there won’t be any panning in this post. But I will not give up! Someday there will be a panning image in a post!

So back to other forms of motion.

Stop action. A fast shutter speed usually works. I’ve even tried continuous shutter. Here are some examples.

Next is slow shutter speed which blurs the action. I do enjoy playing with this type of photography.

And I do like creating motion by zooming my lens. Try it when your at a carnival, out at night around neon signs or during Christmas time when all the lights are shining.

So there’s my photographic range of motion. Thank you Patti for this fun challenge. I will be working on learning how to pan and welcome any advice. When you reply to this challenge be sure to link to Patti’s original post and use the Lens-Artist tag. And thank you all for joining in with your groovy images last week. It was fun seeing what motivates you. Next week Amy will present the LAPC Challenge. Be sure to look for her post.

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38 thoughts on “Lens Artists Challenge #212: Motion

  1. You made me laugh when you spoke of panning. It’s hard, and honestly it feels unnatural. It would indeed be fun play around with. Your selections are creative and fun. I love the waterfall and the sheep, and the zooming of your lens was unique. Very nice. Donna

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  2. I agree! Great experiments with motion, Anne, and beautiful images. The sheep on the run makes me smile! What fun! Panning is still a “work-in-progress” for me, too, so I can’t give you any advice, but to keep trying, like me!

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  3. Ah, just love these, Anne! Motion everywhere. Water is splendid of course, but I adore your slow shutter speed ones…the train is my absolute favourite! Panning? I seldom do, so also seldom succeed. I think it is easier if the vehicle moves not too fast. I managed a bicycle and a motorbike. I stood in the same place by a gravel road and clicked every vehicle coming. Takes some patience, trial and error. Good luck!

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    1. Thanks Ann-Christine! I was thinking of having my husband or a friend drive very slowly past me while I try to pan them. It would probably be a friend since my husband doesn’t have that much patience.


  4. Great job Anne! I love that you admitted to failing at panning rather than just leaving it out. Your images are terrific as usual. I especially liked the set of lens-zooms, one of my favorite “tricks” as well. As you’ve shown, we can get some really interesting results from the technique.


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