What can I say. May was sometimes good and sometimes disappointing–for photography. I’ve taken you on many Yolo Art & Ag farm tours and this one of the M3 Ranches in Woodland promised such varied crops like olives, garlic, almond trees, agave plants and more. How exciting! Well, maybe not.

The first clue was there was no greeter to take our names. The roads were open and we drove around them. I’m thinking maybe we missed something???

We did find the almond trees. At least we think they are almonds.

Then we found a pond that they call their oasis.

And now the agave plants.

The grape vines already had fruit.

I think these are the olive trees. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

I’ll end with some of the vistas I photographed.

Working with the images for this post, I’m thinking it wasn’t such a disappointment after all.

8 thoughts on “May was…: M3 Ranch, Woodland

  1. That was definitely a nice and interesting trip. Were you able to buy some of the farm’s fruits? In Germany there are many farms that have a farm shop. There you can buy freshly harvested seasonal fruit and vegetables. At the moment you can pick as many strawberries as you want from large strawberry fields. You get a large or small basket, which is then weighed.
    Let’s enjoy the summer!🌹
    Greetings from the beautiful Rhine-Highlands / Germany….

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    1. Thanks Terri! Woodland has probably changed from when you lived there. What amazes me is one minute you’re out in the country and 5 minutes later you’re in Woodland. It’s a nice small town.

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