Today, Ann-Christine challenges us to create a post that has” three separate images that are somehow related.” She also explains that, “There is a special word for this art of three – triptych.” Yes, we learn something new every day.

Now, I don’t usually go on a photo outing with the thought of creating a series of three images that are related to each other, and I thought this would be a daunting challenge. How surprised I was to find, while going through my archives, that I do take a series when there is something interesting. So here are my “triptych” trios.

A ride at the Nevada County Fair. This is a kids ride of cars that starts off slowly and then increases to a rapid spin. Picture one is stationary, two is starting the spin, and three is at maximum.

Sculptured abstract. You’ve seen part of this next trio in our recent “Light and Shadow” challenge. I posted the sculpture and its shadow, but today I’ll add an abstract taken when I got really close with a long lens. This was taken in West Sacramento.

Trains. Now on to the California State Railroad Museum in Old Sacramento. This is always a fun place to take a camera. This old train was sitting on mirrored glass. The mirrors were also overhead and to the side. What fun I had. These are not the only images of this fantastic opportunity I took that morning. First is the train reflected on the glass. Second is the side of the train reflected on the glass above. Last is the top of the train in reflection.

Yard art. For my last trio, I’m taking you to the Antique Trove in Roseville. We go there when we need to be indoors because of rain or heat. It was rainy, but the back part (yard) was open. I saw cute owl sculptures.

I believe if I kept going through my archives, I’d find more trios. I think we instinctively take photos this way.

Thank you Ann-Christine for a fun challenge, teaching us a new word and helping me find more insight into how I photograph.

And thanks to Amy and her “Every little thing” challenge. She reminded me that small joys can overcome large burdens. Next week Sofia will present her challenge on Minimalism/Maximalism–Single or Flamboyant, Plain or ”More Is More”? Intrigued? Look for her post.

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33 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #201: Three of a Kind

  1. Excellent post, Anne. It makes sense to take more than one shot if you find something interesting, I’m finding that I do exactly the same! Can’t really pick one of your tripthycs, they all work incredibly well.

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  2. I think many of us are going to be surprised that we take images in a series without being conscious of it – I know I was when I started to think about my response to the challenge (currently a work in progress!) I like the way you’ve highlighted the progression in your images, such as the roundabout gathering speed and moving in closer to the Sacramento sculpture. I think the latter looks intriguing – I’m sure I’d take lots of photos there too 🙂

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  3. And you were a bit worried about this…you made it top notch, Anne! Love the different approaches, and I must say I found the speeding roundabout a very interesting take on. And well captured. But, all of them work so well – the abstract is a hit. Well done!

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  4. Nice photos and great use of the triptych technique. I haven’t been to those places in a long time, but I remember taking our son to the train museum when he was five…so many years ago. Memories!

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  5. Terrific post Anne! Loved the merry-go-round especially. You’re so right about how photographers capture series while studying a subject, even without thinking about it. Excellent observation

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