Here we are back in Nevada City at the Empire Mine State Historic Park. Last week’s post showed the Bourn Cottage and grounds. Now we take a brief walk to the mine area. Here there are buildings including a glimpse of the mine and the blacksmith shop. I’m sorry I didn’t get a very good shot of the mine. It was totally photographer error and lack of tripod. I just don’t like to carry them, but needed to this time.

On the way to the mine from the Cottage I saw this building I hadn’t photographed before.

Here are some photographs of the mine area.

A docent and his dog were sitting near the mine entrance.

There were two blacksmiths in the shop one was using fire. The other was demonstrating how the large bellows was used to forge tools.

We had a great visit and were glad to be there while the ginkgo trees were turning color. Next visit, I’ll tote the tripod.

7 thoughts on “A Colorful Trip: Empire Mine State Historic Park, Part 2

  1. Hi, Anne. We recently went to a coal mine not far from here, so I know how difficult it is to photograph these industrial sites. You did a great job…even without a tripod. I enjoyed the docent and his dog. It gives us a great feeling about the place. 😀

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  2. Old mining towns are fascinating, especially in the Sierras. The history is so much part of the state. These are really great photos – love the docent and dog! I am sure you have been to Bodie. Have you seen the guy who bought Cerro Gordo outside of Independence on YouTube? Check him out at

    Happy Holidays, Anne!


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